Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Warehouse fabric shopping - the loot

As I mentioned in my previous post this past weekend I managed to stop by SR Harris for some fabric shopping. In less than two hours I managed to fill two large plastic bags - think garbage bag large - with fabrics and trims.

To begin I browsed the silks hoping against hope to find some silk jersey. I have yet to find silk jersey there but one never knows right? I did however purchase two beautiful burn out silks that I plan to sew into infinity scarves.

I then wandered to the knit aisle and piled bolts into my cart. I've learned from years of shopping here that if you see something, even if you're not sure, you put it in your cart. If you try and go back sometimes you just can't locate it again or someone else has it in their cart.

From my selections I ended up cutting and purchasing two sweater knits. I just can't help but think "Chesire cat" when I look at the gray and black stripe but that fabric is oh so cuddly soft. I'm sure it's acrylic, but it'll be great made up as a cozy pullover to wear while reading a book or watching tv. The blue is somewhat lightweight and is already cut out and partially sewn into another big top destined for winter wear.

The other knits are a bit boring to look at as they're all solid colors and in the blue family.On the left, a beautiful periwinkle blue with a nice hand, most likely a rayon. The blue piece in the center photographed quite off as it is more of a sky blue with an almost shimmery sparkle in it, most likely a polyester. The other blue is a hefty cotton lycra blend knit.

Now this knit I thought was interesting. It's a gorgeous berry color with sheer stripes - not the color my camera captured. It drapes beautifully and the alternating sheer and fabric stripes give it an interesting look.

My next stop was the wool aisle. Always one of my favorites. Lots and lots and lots of grays and blacks but I was specifically looking for color. Again I pulled a few bolts into my cart but ended up only purchasing three.

The left piece is a deep plum wool knit - it's lightweight and slightly transparent - and I thought I might sew Vogue 1202 - the draped, open back Donna Karan design. But now I'm not so sure. Only because I love the fabric enough that if I don't like the top I'll be terribly disappointed in using up this piece of fabric. I'll have to think on that a bit longer.

The center is a lightweight soft blush (not the ugly color it appears in this photo) wool destined to be a skirt. I would love a jacket out of this color because its a wonderful wardrobe building neutral, but I can't wear that shade near my face.

While I don't need any more gray wool, I couldn't resist this stretch wool piece. It's the perfect weight for a dress. After I got it home I realized it has a green hue to it so I may have to rethink the pattern as green is another color that doesn't flatter my complexion.

Finally, I headed to the trim section. I was looking for flat black lace scalloped on both edges for a project I'm working on. I had hoped to find various widths, but no luck. I did however locate a white lace outlined in black and a beautiful plum colored ribbon trim.

The other trim I was looking for was something similar to this ad I ripped out of a recent "W" magazine. I think those sequin strips could be loosely translated to something else I'm working on.

While I didn't find sequin insertion trim, I did come across these beaded insertion trims. Aren't they beautiful? Good price too, less than $5 per yard.

Keep in mind that my purchases were chosen from the knit, wool, silk and trim aisles only. Just imagine how much more there might have been had I wandered down each and every aisle.

Stay tuned as I'm halfway done with the blue sweater knit top and will be ready to share that with you in a few days.

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  1. That was a great haul! I love the description of the shopping carts and the garbage bags.

  2. It looks like you found some beautiful fabrics and trims. I bet it is so much fun to go there and shop.

  3. First - thanks for "finding" me. Second - Gorgeous stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great finds Sharon. Have fun sewing up some awesome outfits.

  5. WooHoo, great haul! Reading this just reminded me that I'm going to be in that area for Thanksgiving!! My brother and family live in Plymouth and my mom and I will definitely make time to visit. I still have treasures from when I lived there XXyears ago! Think I will start saving my pennies now.



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