Sunday, October 17, 2010

Simple Sunday Sewing - A Silk Scarf

I've been busy, busy, busy in the sewing studio but don't have much I can share with you just yet. One thing I can share is this super-duper easy to sew scarf. Or if you prefer, a neck ring.

It's sewn from one of the burnout silks I purchased recently at SR Harris. Aren't the colors great? Sheer brown with periwinkle and navy blues.

I know I had seen instructions in a Burda magazine fairly recently. Well, at least in the past year. But do you think I could locate the issue when I actually wanted to reference the instructions? Of course not.

So I just winged it.

You can too.

Here's how to replicate my scarf:

Cut a rectangle that measures 44" long x 26" wide. Unless you have a length of fabric 44" long you'll have to cut the rectangle on the cross grain.

(I would have liked a longer scarf so I could double it around my neck but I had only purchased 1 yard of 44" wide fabric. That's how the 44" length was determined.)

Fold the scarf (right sides in) together matching the long edges.

Sew together leaving about 2" unsewn on each end.

Bring the short ends together (right sides in) and sew.

Turn right side out.

Slip stitch remaining opening closed.

Place over your head and casually adjust the folds.

Stand back and admire your handiwork.

Pat yourself on the back because it took less than one hour to complete.

Be warned. This is such an instant gratification project that you won't want to stop. That's okay. You'll be all set when you need a last minute Christmas gift.

10/18/10 - Edited to add: Thanks for your comments letting me know where the instructions can be found. They are in the Sept/Oct 2010 Vogue Patterns Magazine. That would explain why I couldn't find the instructions in my Burda magazines. I was pretty close on the dimensions too!

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  1. Ooooh, pretty. I want to burn through some stash by making some of these. They're so easy and add a lot to an outfit--and you're right, great gifts too!

  2. We must be connected telepathically - I just made one of those for my daughter.(Mine isn't silk.) Love your instructions. (FYI there were instructions in the last Vogue Patterns magazine.)

  3. At our ASG meeting last week, one member showed off 3 or 4 of these. The instructions were in last Sept/Oct Vogue Pattern magazine. Looks like you did not need them at all. Lovely scarf and you are right, the colors are fantastic!

  4. I had a student come in and make one out of knit last week. Very easy, fun and stylish!!!

  5. Gorgeous - love the fabric.



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