Friday, October 15, 2010

Fabric store cutters - and Jo-Ann's plans for the holidays

It was quite interesting to read your comments and feedback about your experiences with cutters in fabric shops. If you haven't had a chance to read all the comments, take a moment to read them on my previous post.

When I asked if any of you had been successful in washing out fade marks I have to admit that I was being a bit sarcastic - but in the back of my mind I hoped against hope that there was some deep dark fabric secret that no one had ever shared with me before Alas, not so.

It's also been my experience that independent retailers are more likely to know their fabrics and cut appropriately. They also know if something is off grain, will point out flaws, and sometimes throw in the extra 1/4 yard of bolt at no charge.

And I've also dealt with knowledgeable staff at Jo-Ann's over the years. Unfortunately the store I frequent has left me with memories of very poor interactions over the past ten years. Guess one never knows what to expect when visiting a "craft store masquerading as a fabric store" - (Thank Carolyn for that one!)

With the discussion we had about Jo-Ann's I found this blurb in BusinessWeek interesting:
Jo-Ann Stores to hire 3,000 for holidays
Jo-Ann Stores Inc., which operates fabric and craft stores, said Tuesday it plans to temporarily increase its work force by 15 percent by hiring 3,000 workers during the holiday season.

The company said it has "positive" expectations for the holiday season as more Americans make handmade gifts.

The retailer, based in Hudson, Ohio, has benefited from increased interest in crafts and sewing around the country, spurred on by the recession. In August, the company reversed a year-ago loss in the second quarter as its revenue rose 5 percent to $439.3 million.

Jo-Ann Fabric operates 750 fabric and craft stores in the U.S.

Shares rose 13 cents to $41.84 during midday trading.

(Found online)

Good news? Not so much if you're looking for an improved customer experience. But yes indeed if you're looking for a job and if it means people are loosening their purse strings.


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  1. have you read the book "Sew Retro" yet? they have some really interesting historical facts about sewing, starting from the 1850's.... anyway, what you wrote reminded me of this one: 1943: German immigrants Hilda and Berthold Reich and Sigmund and Mathilda Rohrbach open the Cleveland Fabric Shop; the families later change the name to Jo-Ann Fabrics.

  2. i made all my xmas gifts last year. I think i spent 300 bones at Joanne's. The lines were horrible, so I am glad they are hiring more help!

  3. On the one hand I guess it's good that they are once again a viable business providing job opportunities to the masses but I really wish they would go out of the fleece business and add some real quality fabrics to their selection. But then again, I would never know would I since I refuse to darken their doorstep! *LOL*

  4. I have often thought I should get a job at my JoAnns just because they obviously need help. They need workers who know something about sewing. They also need workers who know something about public relations (you know, don't be crabby to your customers).

    But I am glad that their business is doing well. I would be very diappointed if they closed. They are really all that I have close enough to shop at. And I do shop there all the time.



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