Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woo! Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks Rebecca for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award! (It was the post about the leopard skivvies pattern wasn't it?) I really appreciate it Rebecca.

I've been blogging for more than four years now, sometimes with more regularity than others, and I can see why it's called social media. This is about a community. A community of friends bonded by a common love of sewing and creating. A community that embraces and connects with one other. A community that willingly shares knowledge, advise and a good joke now and then. A community that reached out to me when my son began his battle with brain cancer. A community that kept visiting my blog even though my sewing and posts slowed down to almost zero. A I really appreciate that about all of you.

Over the years I've gotten to know so many of you through your comments, your blogs and more recently through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I've met a few of you face-to-face and hope to meet many more of you. Especially when that day comes when I finally make it to NYC to go fabric shopping. I almost got my husband convinced...

So, back to the award. This one comes with rules. Here they are:

The rules of the award state that you have to list 10 things about yourself that others do not know about you.

By the way, before I continue, let me ask if you visited Rebecca's blog yet. If not, get on over there. But don't forget to come back. I know you're just dying to know 10 random things about me :-) I love the name of her blog - UglyCute Designs. Start with with her Beautiful Blogger post to get to know her. Then browse her older posts - she has a great eye for design.

So, ten random things about me.

1) I didn't know I was a dog lover until I adopted Brandi in 1991. Now I couldn't imagine my life without a dog. Abby (the big black lab/newfie mix) and Sophia (the little white Maltese) now share my life.

2) My parents enrolled me in dance lessons when I was three on the advise of a doctor. Apparently I was clutzy and chubby. (Ummmm, yea, I was three...) I studied ballet until age 16. You know what? I'm still a bit clumsy.

3) I like to read almost - almost - as much as I like to sew. My husband refuses to buy another bookshelf in the mistaken believe that if I have no place to put my books I will quit buying them. Silly boy.

4) I'm not afraid of public speaking. I don't necessarily seek it out - and prefer to be prepared - but could probably wing it if I had to. As long as no one was expecting comic relief. Then again, I bet I could do a mean prat fall ala Chevy Chase during his SNL years. (See #2 - clumsy)

5) I walked on a nail when I was child. Willingly. In my little 10-year-old brain I thought I could balance on it just like in the cartoons. I couldn't. Ouch.

6) As a young child I wore saddle shoes. Perhaps that's where my love of shoes came from. As soon as I could wear cute shoes and heels I did. I've never looked back. I even remember the cute little white sandals I wore when I walked on the nail. Sadly they didn't survive.

7) At age 41 I became a follower of Jesus Christ. I'd always known about Jesus and had been a faithful church goer. But I didn't know the true meaning of salvation until driving to work one morning listening to a radio program with Pastor Greg Laurie. Wow! What a gift. My only regret is that it took me so long.

8) Bad sewing habit - I put pins in my mouth. All the time. I try so hard to remember to use a pin cushion and I just can't break the habit. Really annoying when you forget you're wearing red lipstick until you place a pin in your fabric - usually something light colored and really expensive.

9) In the early 80s, right after graduating from computer technology training (fixing mainframe computers), I experienced the most ridiculous and frustrating interviews. "Oh honey, you'll meet a nice man and settle down soon" said as the male interviewer patted my hand in a grandfatherly fashion. "I can't hire you! The guys will watch you all day instead of doing their job" and "I hope you didn't take time off of work to come to this interview. I'll never hire a women for this job". Although I had some of the highest grades in my graduating class I never did land a job in that field. Ladies, aren't you glad times have changed?

10) Creativity runs in my family. They paint, they act, they write, they draw, they bake divine desserts. My father - I swear the man must be a genius - carves the most beautiful and intricate birds you've ever seen. My favorite creative outlet just happens to be sewing.

Well, you stuck with me. I think I'm supposed to pass this along. I hate that part, because that means I have to choose. You'll have to wait for another day as I'm just so far behind in my blog reading to know how far this award has already traveled.

Back to sewing news. I'll be ready to share the red Kay Unger dress with you as soon as I get some photos taken.

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  1. I love getting to know more about you. You are a very interesting person and I love your blog. I haven't been able to keep up lately, but maybe I'll do better now, for a while anyway. AT least till the next grand comes in Nov.

  2. So interesting. I hold pins in my mouth too.

  3. I really enjoyed your 10 things. I too use my mouth as a pin cushion. (That sounds wrong!) =)

  4. Loved your 10 things! And yes, I'm glad times have changed regarding the job interviews. Although I think now it's more subtle and directed towards age and weight. Speaking of dogs, how is Sophia doing? I seem to recall you were worried about her again a while back.

  5. Thanks for sharing, I loved your 10 things! I too have a "thing" for shoes, and my goodness... what terrible things to hear in an interview! Thank goodness, is right!

  6. You and I *must* meet in NYC for lunch someday! I can't believe #9, that actually happened to you!?! There are no words!! Obviously, you didn't let one obtuse interviewer ruin your outlook. I look forward to learning more about your adventures as I read my new fav blog, just subbed it today :) ~Leah



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