Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Look at me. Now look at your man. 70s style.

I just don't understand why this pattern was sitting unloved in the thrift store.

Shhhhh. Can you keep a secret?

I'm thinking somebody just might be getting some new briefs under the Christmas tree - but only if I can find that leopard print.

You DID notice the leopard print, right? *LOL*

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  1. Laura J10:47 PM

    I'd leave a comment, but I'm laughing too hard.

  2. Greatest. Pattern. Ever.

    I love the reference to the Old Spice guy. He's awesome.

  3. lol, He's like "Yes I AM sporting a handlebar mustache in my skivvies. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!"

  4. I just have to agree with Laura J!

  5. Anonymous3:56 AM

    LOL - These are identical to a pair one of my Sims wears in The Sims 2.

  6. Oh, Man! You are one lucky girl to have found this gem! Thanks for the smile ...

  7. When I saw the title I got confused and clicked it. I find it very interesting. I am so surprised in this post. I like it so much. It makes me smile.



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