Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday - The Unicorn, The Pirate and The Mermaid

I've been thinking about Halloween lately. I'm not sure why.

Perhaps its cold wet weather reminds me of October. Perhaps its because the local thrift stores have begun heavily advertising their annual boo-tiques. Or perhaps its because I want to play dress up.

Whatever the reason I've been mulling over costumes. Oh sure, I could pull out my handy dandy costume box and become a dalmatian puppy or a flapper or a sixties country western star, but it'd be so much more fun to create something new. But what? Winnie the Pooh? I have the pattern and fabric. Star Trek's Uhura? I do think red's my color. Prince? I know I have purple velvet is tucked away somewhere. Marilyn? The dress would be fabulous, but me blonde? Not so much.

Well, while I decide what to create I thought it'd be fun to repost this Halloween Flashback Friday from 2007. Enjoy!

So, to begin your costume inspiration I invite you to travel back with me to to Halloween 1988. That was the year the unicorn, the pirate and the mermaid attended a well-known night club's Halloween bash in the hopes of winning some money!

The unicorn is my friend that designed the Ren-Faire goat pants I wrote about here and the blue Ren-Faire gown I wrote about here.

She (the beautiful blonde unicorn draped all over the pirate) designed and sewed all three of these costumes and was kind enough to let me wear the mermaid gown. BTW, the pirate is her hubby so it's perfectly acceptable for her to be draped all over him.

Oh my gosh - I loved that mermaid gown! It was so intricately beaded and embellished with the tail sewn from a variety of green brocades. And get this - the tail zipped completely closed! Meaning you could ask a super cute, big muscled, hunky guy to carry you around, LOL.

I had the perfect seafoam green heels to wear with the costume as well as a sequined headband (hello? ... 1988 remember?) and big beaded dangling earrings. I remember complaining about my big "backside" when I saw these pictures. Ah, the foolishness of youth. I'd kill for a backside that tiny once again.

The music was great, the dancing was fun, and the flirty gal in the teensy-tiny devil costume won first prize.

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  1. What amazing costumes! I think there was a fix in that contest...but that was the 80's after all.



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