Monday, August 30, 2010

Slow and steady - progress on the Kay Unger dress

That red Kay Unger dress (Vogue 1083) I wrote about a the other day is still underway, although very little progress was made this week. There is a ton of top stitching on that baby!

And if you haven't begun yours yet, here's a teeny tiny bit of advice for you. Take time to make a muslin. Unless you know that you can sew right out of the pattern and have it fit that is. Ah, yes. I remember those glorious days. When all I had to do was unfold the pattern, pin it to my fabric, cut it out, sew it up and wear it. Sigh. In my world, those days are gone. I guess most of us need to alter our patterns in some way to fit us the way we want. Time consuming yes, but one of the advantages of knowing how to sew. A nice custom fit dress.

Now the reason I'm suggesting a muslin for this dress is because of the construction. The dress is completely lined and you do a lot of the topstitching before sewing pieces are sewn together. My mode of operation is to fit as I sew but that hasn't been too efficient this time. Because I didn't make a muslin I spent quite a bit of time basting, trying on, altering, topstitching and finally sewing pieces together.

My goal is to complete it this week. If this warm weather continues I'll even get to wear it a time or two before it gets back away for the season.

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  1. I really love the look of those topstitched seams! It's true, they take lots of time but they look so good!!!

  2. Interesting - topstitching that doesn't actually hold anything together? Is it more difficult to get the seamline an even distance from the top stitching?

  3. Thanks for the tip. Great topstitching.

  4. You've got me nervous, now! I can usually wear a Vogue 16 right out of the envelope, so I've got my fingers crossed on this one! Headed downstairs to cut the lining, and hopefully I'll be done by tomorrow night. Hopefully...

  5. I love that dress. You are such an awesome dressmaker, and I know yours will be beautiful.



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