Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cover your eyes! Bright color ahead.

I don't know what possessed me to purchase - and proceed to sew - this ultra bright green lightweight wool. I hate green. Well, hate might be a bit too strong of a word.

It's not that I really hate the color green. I think green is a lovely color. It works beautifully on my lawn. And it frames the flowers in my garden quite nicely. It even looks fabulous surrounded by luscious red tomatoes in my salad bowl.

It just doesn't look good on me. Which is why I've avoided wearing and sewing green for many, many years. Possibly since I sewed this jumpsuit back in 9th grade. And even then I only choose green because green and white were the school colors.

So you might be wondering what ever led me to purchase a yard of bright green fabric from Fabric Mart Fabrics this past spring? It's simple. It was still rather drab outside and I was seduced by visions of a brightly colored spring wardrobe, complete with a bright green pencil skirt.

But the sewing didn't happen until this past weekend. Instead of a pencil skirt I decided to try a ruffled skirt using New Look 6898.

The skirt has a narrow waistband and is designed to sit just below the natural waist (see photo below). The front has small pleats and the back has darts. The lower right edge (as you look at the photo) is sewn portion of the skirt that is above it.

That diagonal seam is then sewed securely into the side seam. Hmmm, funny what photos pick up that the mirror doesn't. See that funny little bulge just below my hand? I'm going to need to go back and adjust that upper hip area a bit.

Now that the skirt is sewn I realize that, with the exception of this white lace knit top, I have absolutely nothing to pair it with. That makes it a bit of an impractical skirt, but oh how I love that ruffled layered hemline. It brings a smile to my face.

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  1. What a fun, bright skirt! I could not wear that color. It would turn my skin green, but you look great.

  2. Darling skirt and what fun ruffles. How about a black top with the skirt?

  3. Great skirt, a very bold colour indeed! My vote is for a black top to go with it.


  4. that is so funny, your first two paragraphs could be me talking. green IS for plants and outdoor things. saying that, i think your skirt is cool, why not be cool and wear a colourful bright skirt :-). such a happy and cheerful start to the day.

  5. What a fun skirt! I think a white top would be great with it.

  6. Personally, I'm a real sucker for bright colours - and your vibrant green is gorgeous. I love your skirt, the ruffles are lovely - definitely a happy skirt!

  7. That is an adorable skirt! It really wants to go dancing! And haven't you heard? Green is IN!

  8. It brings a smile to your face? Then it is the perfect skirt for you! It is a very happy and pretty skirt.

  9. I made that same 70's jumpsuit in a chocolate brown double knit. LOL, wow I thought I looked hot!!!!

    love the green skirt!

  10. I knew where that fabric came from right away! :) I bought it in the blue...the green was a little too for me! However, I'm loving the shoes with this skirt and I'm thinking you just need to make another white top to go with it and you'll be fine!

  11. That is an incredible skirt! You look great. White top, black top - how about some prints? g

  12. WOW, this is a stunning skirt, Love it, Love the way it looks on you!



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