Sunday, July 18, 2010

Give me a "N", give me an "A", give me a "T"...


Chenille stuffed alphabet letter pillows for a new baby.

Naturally, Sophia is certain they are for her.

My daughter sewed these as a gift for her cousin whose daughter is due to arrive August 8. We even know her name, Natalie, which made it pretty easy to sew a personalized gift before the blessed event happens.

We used Butterick 6040, a vintage craft alphabet letter pattern probably from the 80s.

Honestly you wouldn't need a pattern. Each of these letter measure about 12" tall. You could simply draw your letters right on your fabric, cut, sew and stuff.

However, if you do prefer to use a pattern, Simplicity has a current offering and the older releases are pretty easy to find online. As I write this Etsy has quite a few as does Ebay.

We used four remnants of chenille that I had purchased five or six years ago. In fact, I pulled them out of the bag that was destined to go to the thrift store this week when we decided the last minute that we wanted to give her at least one handmade gift at her shower.

While the colors worked well together we thought the plain chenille was a bit blah. We didn't want these to scream "1980s" so we certainly weren't going to add eyelet lace to the edges. Instead we took scraps of chenille, cut out shapes freehand and appliqued them to the front of the pillows. They're not perfect but we find them charming.

My daughter was thrilled that she was able to give such a personalized gift to her cousin. Her cousin was thrilled to receive them. And we're thrilled that little Natalie will soon be joining our family.

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