Thursday, July 15, 2010

Burda 5-2010-105 Dress: not feelin' the love

I was hooked the moment I saw this dress in the Burda May 2010 issue.

So simple. So trendy. So easy to sew.

So flattering on so many, like here and here and the nine reviews at PatternReview.

So not loving it.

Yes, it was indeed very simple - and easy - to sew. After all there are only a five pattern pieces and that's if you count the facing for the neckline.

But I think my aversion to tight fitting clothes worked against me this time as the lower portion of the dress is much too lose. The total effect on me is one big, wide shapeless box.

You can't really tell I have a waist, unless I keep my hands on my hips...

...or up in the air. Which might look rather odd at the office don't you think?

When I grab about five inches of fabric and pull it to the backside the look is closer to the what the design was meant to be.

Perhaps if I removed the waistline elastic, removed the skirt, sewed it smaller, pegged the hem, resewed the skirt and added the elastic I'd wear it.

Nah, who am I kidding? I don't love it enough to give it that much attention. It's just not the best silhouette for my body shape.

Burda 05-2010-105 Dress Review:

It's rated one dot and deservedly so. The only shaped pieces are the front and back bodice pieces. The neckline facing and skirt are simply rectangles cut to size.

The skirt is attached to the bodice at the waistline in a 5/8" seam. A waist casing is formed by sewing a second row of stitching near the edge of the seam allowance. I did not sew the casing to the dress - it is unattached inside the dress.

The neckline is finished with a narrow facing that was folded in half right sides together, stitched to the neck edge, pressed up and topstitched in place on the outside just below the seam.

The sleeves were hemmed by using steam-a-seam then topstitching in place. The hem was finished in the same manner except that I added a second row of stitching to look like a twin needle was used.

The knit, likely a polyester, was actually a good choice for this dress. It's not too heavy, doesn't cling, and has the drape needed to make that bodice look good.

Even though the dress didn't work for me, I would certainly recommend sewing it if you've been thinking about it. Pin It


  1. Actually, I think it's really nice and flattering with the skirt 'slenderized' (is that a word?)? Shouldn't take too much effort, I hope.

  2. It looks great when you remove the extra ease...

  3. Thanks for posting this! I was almost ready to cut my navy jersey for this one...If I still decide to do, I will know to measure twice before i cut. I remember another Burda pattern similar with an elastic a the waist, totally different fabric, white with eyelet embroidery, that did not turn right at all, same problem with the skirt being too wide. I didn't adjust it and know the feeling...I think it would be worth the trouble to take the skirt in. It looked good like that.

  4. My thoughts: I love that dress. But with my height and mommy tummy I'd look like I was wearing a potato sack!

    My suggestion: Belt it! That'd accentuate your waist while still giving you that relaxed, fabulous dress. But beware--the belt must be fabulous!

  5. That one is in my pile to do, but I am in the midst of baby sewing (big grin)...thanks for the word...will be really diligent on checking the fit!

  6. Such a shame that this dress turned out awadder for you
    You have the shape to wear it tighter realy

  7. You have such a fit figure that even wearing a loose dress like this, you look good! I like the look, and think it would be great with a belt. The drape at the shoulders needs to be balanced by some fabric at the bottom...I vote wear as is-or send it on.

  8. I like the dress except for the wings under the arms. There's just too much fabric there. I actually made a dress very similar to that in the early 80's. It was made of a sheer print and I wore a sheath/slip dress underneath. I think the sheer fabric helped make the overall silhouette flattering - otherwise I would have looked like a sack of potatoes.

  9. you need one of those big wide belts to give it some waist definition. yeah, i know, I know, a return to the eighties isn't always appreciated but in this case I think it would look good. that or a super big fluffy crinoline. heh.

  10. I did the same thing with my version, although I still love it. I do think you should go ahead and take in the skirt as it really looks good on you, but I can't be bothered to do mine either so I understand!

  11. You do great work but you are right, the fit just isn't quite right.

  12. It's a cute design. Sorry it didn't work for you. But I like the way the binding was used.

  13. It is a cute I'd never make for myself, because those waistless-type dresses make me look like I'm wearing a sack. Sorry it didn't work out.

  14. What about with a big belt??

  15. I, like you, fell in love with this pattern. I am amazed how nice the outcome is on the reviews I read. What I can't tell is from the side, is the drape under the arm low, so that you can possibly see the upper edge of your bra? That is of more concern that fitting the skirt, which your suggested rework for the skirt on your dress would work well. So if you have a moment drop me a line about the underarm look/drape.

    By the way, with redoing the skirt, I think you will have a great looking dress!

  16. oh, what a shame. You spent a lot of energy finishing the dress nicely.

    I can see how this dress would not suit a lot of people, especially us shorter folks.

  17. Thank you for reviewing this dress. I wondered how it would look made up. I think you are on the right track with removing the excess inches for a slender fit (like photographed in the magazine.).

  18. To be honest, why hide a nice figure like yours? The dress is nice but I prefer to wear fitted styles too.

  19. I have experienced the same problems with other dress patterns, it can be so frustrating.



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