Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another perfect knit dress - McCall's 5752

This version of McCall's 5752, the Perfect Knit Dress, looks amazingly similar to the pattern cover, thanks to the fact that I sewed a dress using the exact fabric as one of the samples.
The fabric was purchased late last summer with the intent of having this dress sewn and ready to wear when spring rolled around. Well, there was no sewing going on for quite some time after we learned of my son's brain tumor.

That changed about a month or so ago as his initial treatment ended, he moved back home and life slowly returned to as normal as it is likely to be.

As I reentered my sewing studio I began pulling out planned projects along with projects that had already been cut out. This dress was one of those.

You know, when I sewed this dress the first time I was always a bit bugged by the ruched mid-section. Eventually I quit wearing it and it was donated to a local thrift store.

Thinking it was my choice of fabric that I was unhappy with the first time around (a very soft rayon knit) I forged ahead with this dress using a different knit.

The finished dress originally had three-quarter sleeves, a ruched mid-section and the faux ties.

But, my first thought when I tried it on was "I can't believe I wasted my precious sewing time on something so ugly" followed by "yikes, those tie thingies are really weird."

So out came my handy-dandy little seam ripper. The goofy faux ties came off as did the ruching layer at the mid-section.

And those three-quarter length sleeves were just too much to wear in the summer heat.

And let's face it. This is a summer dress with a limited shelf life. This print is too trendy to last and I lost one season already by purchasing it last year.

So the sleeves were chopped off to short sleeves. They're going to be chopped even more as I think I'd like a cap sleeve better.

The print hides the separate mid-section, especially with the ruched overlay removed. I find it much more flattering than without the ruching. The curved midsection is slenderizing.

I've now sewn this perfect knit dress twice and it's time to move on.

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  1. I like your perfect knit dress for the second time. The changes you made are prefect.

  2. Woo hoo! Perfection it is! I am so glad to read your positive review, as I own this pattern and have been wondering. I love all your changes, and will keep them in mind when I get around to doing mine!

  3. Gorgeous dress... thanks for the review, I have that pattern too.

  4. Lovely, lovely dress and I think you actually have at least one more season because there are just too many of those prints around for them to fade away that quickly!

  5. YOu look fantastic. I love the ease of the style and the color.

  6. Well done! Your dress looks terrific.

  7. I like your changes. I had my issues with the other view (gaping neckline) so I'm hesitant to even try this other view.

  8. Looks great!! Excellent pattern.

  9. Now that's a great knit dress. And you are having so much fun with it.

  10. Gorgeous pictures! Beautiful dress!



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