Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes quick and easy does the trick - McCall's 6093

Two hours of time + McCall's 6093 + three yards of fabric from IKEA = updated kitchen.

McCall's 6093 Home Dec in a Sec Box ValanceWe moved into this home six years ago knowing it had not been maintained or updated since it had been built (in the late 80s). Because my hubby is a whiz at any type of home improvement project (yay!) we overlooked the neglect and outdated decor because of the unique floor plan and great location.

After six years of almost constant home improvement projects we've finally got around to the kitchen. We covered the horrendous white and gray linoleum floor with gorgeous dark ceramic tiles and added hardware to the cabinets. The wood door that was rotting at the base was replaced with an energy efficient one. We've been experimenting with stains for the cabinets. After all why spend money replacing cabinets when these are in excellent shape, just not the color we want. And we're saving our pennies so eventually granite can replace the coming apart at the seams counter tops.

McCall's 6093 Home Dec in a Sec Valance two windows
I used McCall's 6093 "Home Dec in-a-sec" pattern for these "box" valances. The depth of the view B valance is 15". All other views are 18" deep. I shortened mine to 13-1/2" due to the door that leads to our patio. My original plan was to have a valance over both windows and the door. But the realization that we'd need to move the valance out of the way every time we used the door changed my mind rather quickly.

Seriously? If you've sewn any window treatments before you don't need this pattern. These "box valances are simply rectangular pieces of fabric, lined, pleated at each end and stapled to a 1" x 3" mounting board.

If you've never sewn home dec, this is a great pattern as it will guide you through each step needed, including taking measurements and calculating yardage.

These simple valances are just one more tiny step in the updating process. Next up? Coordinating placemats with the remaining fabric. Pin It


  1. Great curtains - Ikea has some great fabric, don't they?

  2. hello
    i bought the same material for all our curtains, i love it, the only problem is, it gets quite heavy when it's 2.4 meters long:-)...and i haven't even finished sewing all the curtains after living here for more than a year. there is too much sewing for my little girls to do, which is way more fun than sewing curtains.



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