Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kinda like riding a bike - back to sewing

It doesn't' really matter how long it's been since you rode a bicycle. You easily pick it up once you begin again. The same with sewing. I feel like it's been ages since I've had the chance to sew, but of course it's only been a few months. And I was able to whip up a knit dress in the usual few hours.

So I'm officially back to sewing.

Today's dress was sewn using Simplicity 2369. A recent release for a pullover knit dress with a faux wrap front and side tie or buckle.

This is one of those garments that looks better on a body than a dress form. The dress form just doesn't do it justice. Well, that and the fact that this lovely fabric didn't photograph well at all. It's a beautiful shade of turquoise with soft red and brown daisy flowers scattered all around.

The fabric is from Emma One Sock , purchased either last summer or the summer before. I honestly don't remember. It's a super soft rayon knit that photographs horribly but drapes beautifully. It was so easy to work with also.

And while I'm on the subject of easy - this is another one of those easy to sew designs. With everything else going on in my life at the moment simple is just what I need.

I questioned the layout of the right and left front pieces as shown in the instructions. I turned my pattern pieces printed side down although they show them printed side up. As shown you could easily end up with the right and left fronts switched, meaning the buckle or side tie would be on the right not the left. The instructions also have the right fronts illustrated on two different sides (compare illustration on step 4 and on step 22).

I originally cut the longer length sleeves but after trying the dress on decided it was too dowdy looking on me so I cut them to the cap length.

Simplicity included a pattern piece and instructions to face the entire neck edge instead of just turning it over and hemming it. The end result looks nice, but I've never had difficulty getting the other method to look nice also.

A 2" belt buckle is called for but I substituted a 1-1/4" buckle mainly because it's what I had on hand that coordinated. I had come across a bag full of old belt buckles - probably old store stock - at a thrift store some time ago. Of course they found their way home with me even though I had no use for them at the time. Now that I actually used one I feel better knowing my $3 was not wasted *lol*

A full review is on Pattern Review (here).

In other news:
The benefit for my son was very successful. Many people came to the event, the silent auction raised a lot of money, and my son was feeling really good that day and was able to be there for the entire event. We posted some photos on my Flickr account.

My son continues with his radiation and chemo treatment. He's past the halfway mark with only three more weeks to go. Radiation is five days a week with chemo seven days a week. The first two weeks were awesome as he had zero side effects. However his hair is beginning to fall out where the radiation is targeted and he's getting fatigued. He spent all of today mostly sleeping.

As a mother it is so difficult to watch him go through this. Although he does inspire me with his attitude. I admit I grow weary. I'm so thankful I have my church family and small group to lean on. They lift me up when I hit bottom all the while keeping my son covered in prayer.

Please, please, please don't forget to continue to pray for him. The textbooks say this will never go away and he could only have a few years to live. BUT there's no reason he can't be one who experiences a miracle of complete healing. Only God knows His ultimate plans. My job is to be faithful and pray.

Next up in the sewing room:
McCall's 5818, a turquoise jacket and white (or print) dress.

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  1. The dress is adorable Sharon! I'm glad your son hasn't suffered too much with his treatment and I'll continue to keep him (and you!) in my thoughts. :)

  2. Glad to see you're sewing, it's therapeutic, ya know?! Lovely dress, and of course, your family remains in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Your dress is beautiful, Sharon. I just bought this pattern on Thursday, so thanks for the review. I will continue to pray for your son and you.

  4. Sewing is good for the soul. Hope your son is doing ok.

  5. Your dress is lovely. You will look amazing in it! I don't know how you have any mind left with what you're going through. Blessings to your son, you, and your family.

  6. I have found that I can make knit tops quickly and easily with great success. That is why I have made so many lately!! I even splurged on a Baby Lock serger a few days ago just because I so enjoy my sewing time and get so much peace from it. I have added to my stash of knits so I am always ready for those quick, need a sewing fix, projects!
    I hope everything continues to go well for your son. I have continued to think of you.

  7. I have just got back to sewing but have made heaps of mistakes getting back "on the bike". Not to worry. Your dress is really cute.
    Don't worry, still praying for Rob. Miracles can happen.

  8. i am glad to hear that the treatment has been going relatively well so far. i have been thinking of you and your familiy a lot. it must be so hard, i cannot imagine how you stay so strong. good on you! i will keep thinking of you and hoping for the best.
    love the dress, i am so inspired by your sewing, so far i only sew for my little three year old twin girls. however, i have bought the first pattern for myself. a burda summer dress. it will need lots of adjustments as i am 20 cm (8 in) taller than the burda company's average:-)
    take care..



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