Monday, April 26, 2010

In full bloom - a spring skirt from McCall's 5984

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know by now that I like to sew skirts. They're simple to sew, they're easy to fit and they're versatile with the ability to be dressed up or down.

While I don't like super tight clothing, the pencil skirt silhouette is one that I think works on my my figure type. Even though I've only sewn this particular skirt pattern twice previously (here and here) it's my latest fave skirt pattern. The pattern is McCall's 5984, a Palmer / Pletsch wardrobe pattern.

The latest is a navy and white floral print skirt - perfect for spring. And for my navy polka dot shoes, because remember? I'm all about the shoes.

The skirt will also work well paired with a white tee and flats for a more casual summer look.

Another thing I like about slim skirts? They don't require much fabric! This fabric was found in the remnant bin at JoAnn Fabrics for a whopping $4. I used an invisible zipper from my supply stash and faced the yoke with white cotton from my fabric stash.

After sewing the skirt I then tried to get a photo taken of it being worn.

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of my photo shoots? And I use that term loosely.

That's because I take all of the photos myself using the self timer on my Canon PowerShot SD790 digital camera.

Why you ask?

Because the last time I asked my dear hubby to photograph me for the blog he responded "what?!? not another photo for the sewing blog! how many do you need anyway?" LOL. That was about three years ago. Needless to say I just quit asking and take care of it myself.

It takes quite a few shots before I get one suitable for posting. Here's a few shots showing you what usually happens "behind the scenes".

I set up the camera on my cutting table in my little sewing studio, set the timer to 10 seconds and quickly try and get in place in front of the white closet curtains.

Sometimes Abby just can't resist checking out what I'm doing.

Sometimes I have Sophia in my arms and I can't manage to put her down and in position before the camera snaps the photo.
Sometimes I have Sophia in my arms and before I can put her down Abby plops down right in front of me. And of course the camera goes off right at that moment.

Finally I manage to get a semi-decent photo, which I then crop off my head and post it to my blog.
So what happens behind the scenes in your photo shoots? Pin It


  1. Very cute skirt and thanks for behind the scenes, very fun.

  2. good to see that somebody else's dog is as out of control as mine. Fabulous pencil skirt!

  3. Great skirt! Love to make skirts too as they are quick and easy and take so little fabric. And of course the shoes! If only you were closer we could go shoe shopping and remnant rummaging :)
    I have just bought a new Canon Powershot but have been using my two teen daughters for the photos. No animals (or men) in our house so I don't have your problem(s). Cute photos - and it shows the skirt in action!

  4. Oh crack me up! My dear husband tired quickly of the photo shoots, so I use the timer too and there's always some critter trying to horn in on the shot. Thanks for showing what goes on behind the scenes!

  5. I agree that printed pencil skirts are a great wardrobe addition and can look dressy or casual. My self timer photos are also a pain to take although I can't blame it all on my cats, I do seem to move, pull a face or sneeze just as the timer goes off.

  6. Great skirt - I need to make another pencil skirt!
    Love your behind-the-scenes shots.

  7. What a beautiful skirt. The pencil skirt style suits you perfectly. I love the fabric - black and white is always such a great look. Your photos are great - I wish I could work out how to get good photos with a timer.

  8. You're right - the pencil skirt is a great shape for you! Love the latest version.

    The pups are adorable as always.

  9. Great skirt and gorgeous legs!! The same exact thing happens in my house too, plus one more dog. ;-) So I usually just do mirror shots.

  10. Great skirt, I love the print! As for the photo shoots, DH is usually happy to help, and quite good an posing me. If he's not around (and I'm desperate), my 6 yr old DD is pretty good with the camera, but I usually end up without shoes or without a head. She's getting better though...

  11. A very pretty Skirt! I love it!

  12. Your skirt looks wonderful on you! Love that print.

    Your "behind the scenes" sounds like my "behind the scenes". I set up the muslin backdrop in my bedroom and the set the camera on a TV table. Then I have to catch the curious cats and lock them out of the room so they don't pull down the backdrop. I also use a timer for my photo shoots. I'd prefer to have a human take the pictures, because it's hard for me to get a natural looking facial expression without anyone to smile at or interact with. I end up looking like a Charles Manson-type serial killer! So I crop off my head !

  13. What a terrific spring/summer skirt! I love the print. Your fur children however, are stealing your show!

  14. That's a lovely skirt. I saw that same fabric at Joann when it first came out and I wanted to have it. But since I couldn't think of making anything with it, I restrained myself from buying it. I can't believe it's in the remnant bin at your Joann. If it's only $4 at mine, I would just buy it in a heart beat!

  15. Fab skirt ! great fabric and you are right, it really is very flattering for your shape!
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Have a good day X

  16. I really like the skirt! And my DDs are still taking my pictures and usually we are laughing like crazy people over the directions they give me. Getting garment pics up on the blog is always interesting.



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