Friday, February 19, 2010

What I like about you - the Simplicity 4074 knit dress

Dear Simplicity 4074. When you first appeared in the catalog - back in July 2006 - I couldn't resist your charms. You were an immediate addition to my pattern collection.

By October 2006 I had purchased the perfect knit fabric to create you.

I even had you almost completely sewed by December of that same year. And that's when your charm no longer worked on me.

You see, I hated the way you looked when I placed you on my body. I thought maybe it was the length...perhaps I should have sewed you shorter. Or maybe it was the self fabric belt...perhaps you needed more of a contrast.

I just didn't know. I only knew I didn't like you.

I know that's hard to hear, but it's true.

So I hid you in the back of my sewing closet hoping to forget you. But every time I choose a new fabric I'd see you. Even though the guilt would begin to gnaw away at me, I'd pretend I hadn't seen you.

Finally, last year, in an attempt to make you a winner, I had cut you so you'd be shorter. And optimisticly tried you on. But I still didn't like you.

But when the current UFO contest was announced at PatternReview I knew it was time to finally complete you. I threaded my machine and finished your hem. And tried you on when I returned home from work last night.

So what do I like about you? Your lovely shade of teal that matches my (cheapo) shoes almost perfectly.

I really wanted to like you. I'm sorry. I tried. I really did.

Now it's time to let you go so another can discover your charms and enjoy wearing you. Pin It


  1. Aww, it's too bad that it doesn't feel right for you. From what I can see I think it looks great on you, but I guess it's how you feel in it that counts. Well, you sure tried to like it, so nobody can blame you for giving it up ;-)

  2. Great post. I have that pattern but never made it. For me it is the neckline.

  3. I love that dress on you --it looks great!! I know how you feel about the pattern, though. I made a dress from it and my problems was that I could not get the neckline to lay correctly. I won't be using the pattern again, but I do wear the dress. I finally worked with the neckline until I got it to look okay.

  4. I'm sorry you don't like it. I've had this pattern just as long and have taken it out on several occasions to make one and just never got it done. Hopefully someone else will love this version of the dress!

  5. Darn, I love the color. Have you tried it with a purchased belt? Can you sacrifice the fabric for something else?

  6. I love that fabric. The color is awesome. If I looked that good in any of my dresses I would be thrilled!!!

  7. I love the colour on you. Perhaps if some of the side seams could be taken in to reduce the "flare" the fit would be closer to your body.

  8. I think that print with that pattern is just too old lady for a young chic like you. Yes give it away. Love the shoes - cheap or not!!

  9. I think it looks great in the photo. Sorry she doen't please you. Someone else will love her.

  10. I made the top and skirt from this pattern. Fortunately I had a better like of the pattern than you have. I think the dress looks good on you but I know if the sewist doesn't like it, they just don't. Give it to Goodwill or similar charity, your dress will become someone elses treasure.



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