Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Yard Wonders take two

Got some creative ideas dancing through your head that only require one yard of fabric? Then get those ideas sewn because the sequel to 101 One Yard Wonders is becoming a reality.

Yes, you read that right. There will be another 101 One Yard Wonders book - tentatively called Fabric Extravaganza: One-Yard Wonders - this time with a focus on all fabrics, not just quilting cottons.

Once I received notice that submissions were being accepted I pulled out my idea notebook, looked for items that could be done with just a yard of fabric and began sewing samples.

You have an idea notebook don't you? You know, the place where you jot down random notes or sketch a design detail. The place where you quickly draw the idea that came to you while you were sleeping or popped in your head while cooking dinner. The place you draw the design that came to fruition while having your teeth cleaned at the dentist (or is it only me? I had an idea for a pillow come to me while visiting the dentist - it was published in a magazine years ago)

My idea book is jam packed with line drawings, fabric layouts as well as poorly drawn models wearing my potential design.

I managed to sew and submit two samples yesterday, am finishing up another today and have others in the works. The thing with samples is it can be time-consuming as sometimes the idea works just as written and other times unforeseen problems are discovered.

Here's a little sneak peek of the two samples I submitted. Keeping my fingers crossed that at least one of my submissions will again be chosen for this new book.

All right, all right. Enough about me. You just want the info so you can submit your own (original) idea, right? Everything you need to know is right here. You have until April 1 so get sewing!

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