Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time's running out to enter the One Yard Wonders fabric sweepstakes

Just so you know, this contest ends February 28. And that date is rapidly approaching. Click on the photo (or here) and fill out the online entry form.

I must admit it. I really don’t want you to enter, you know. Because my chances of winning go down each time you enter.

And I really want free yard of fabric to show up on my doorstep every month. I even have my projects from the One Yard Wonders book picked out.

So come to think of it, you better not head over to by February 28 to enter.
Speaking of One Yard Wonders, check this out: Contributions to a Sewing Book from Crafty People from Twin Cities

It's always fun to find yourself mentioned somewhere unexpectedly.

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  1. Yeah, well, the sweeptakes is for US residents only so no threat from me, I'm afraid... :-(

  2. Well, aren't you quite the celebrity getting unexpected write-ups! I bet that is fun. And they are absolutely right, you do have a great blog.



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