Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The man in brown brought the big brown box

Say that three times fast!

In case you're wondering, this is what 26 lbs of fabric looks like. *LOL*

And (shock) it's not from Fabric Mart Fabrics.

It's from Fabric dot com.

I haven't purchased from them in over six years. It was the recent $1.95 / yard Vera Wang fabric markdowns that did me in.

Quality fabrics (for a steal) along with great customer service.

Ha! Take that Hancock Fabrics. Pin It


  1. What fun! But come on, are you gonna' blog the big boy brown box?

  2. I only ever buy from fabric.com. I think it's been many years since I bought from HF.

  3. WOw, I am so jealous now.. We do not have good fabric stores here in Singapore unfortunately.

    I guess we will be seeing more sewing projects then!

    Cheers to fabric.com!

  4. I love fabric.com and they were super quick with my order this time...I love when the shipping costs are more than I paid for the whole order (and I didn't pay a dime of shipping!) Let's see what you got so we can all live vicariously through you!

  5. That's what I mean by moving on.. On to the next fabric source. I also bought took advantage of the sale at fabric.com. My box is sitting in th eliving room unopened.

  6. Sure, the box looks great, but let's see what inside!!!

  7. Oh what delights must surely be within!

    So how many yards does it take to make 26 lbs?

  8. Ok, we are waiting to see what is inside!!! How much fun. Enjoy.

  9. I wonder if you bought the same $1.95 fabrics I bought only to find out after my order was delayed a week, that they were out of one of them. I'm glad they'll be put to good use. Enjoy :-)

  10. I bought some of those fabrics, too. Now I want to see the inside of your box, please!



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