Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inside the big brown box brought by the boy in brown

Time to blog the big boy brown box! (*LOL* thanks Gwen!)

Inside that 26 lb big brown box brought by the boy in brown was 42 yards of fabric.

So much for stash reduction. I just added more yardage in this one purchase than I did in 2009.

However, at $1.95/yard - less 30% (thank you!) - plus free shipping it didn't set me back too much.

So what specific fabrics did I order?

Left top to bottom: purple cotton voile, purple silk/rayon blend, chartreuse poly/cotton houndstooth suiting, fuchsia lambswool flannel suiting and cobalt wool blend boucle suiting.

Right top to bottom: deep navy (almost black) poly/acetate/cotton jacquard circles, black polyester crepe, black stretch lightweight wool suiting, cream jersey knit, nude jersey knit and ivory wool blend boucle suiting.

So what am I going to do with them? Other than fondle them and dream of the possibilities, I actually have a few garments in mind.

Ivory boucle suiting - perhaps a Chanel type jacket ala McCall's 6041.

This photo shows the fabric after I pretreated it. I used the wool setting on my front load washer (cold water gentle spin) and tossed it in the dryer on very, very low heat for about 30 minutes. Just enough to remove some of the dampness. It felted ever so slightly.

Cobalt multi wool blend boucle - something unlined and flowy as the fabric is airy. I might sew Vogue 2923, which I've had in my pattern collection since it was released. I just could never seem to find the perfect fabric. (By the way, this pattern is now OOP and is currently clearanced at $5.00 at

I haven't pretreated this one yet, but plan on air drying versus the dryer to keep it from felting.

Black stretch lightweight wool suiting
- I'm not completely sure, but was thinking one of these dresses from Simplicity. Either 2473 or 2550.

This is really lightweight and absolutely fabulous. I had purchased something similar to this a few years back from SR Harris and wished I had more. This is seriously my favorite out of the entire purchase.

Black polyester crepe
- this was purchased to sew this Betzina skirt - Vogue 1018. (Which looks like it just went OOP.) I just purchased this pattern weeks ago, after seeing it on a sewing blog - Communing with Fabric.

Chartreuse poly/cotton houndstooth suiting - knowing I could never, ever wear this color near my face I only purchased two yards with the plan on sewing a pencil skirt. I'm still undecided whether to sew simple pencil skirt or use Vogue 8603 and place the plaid diagonally on the side panels. We'll see. The color is way out of my comfort zone so this should be a fun project.

Fuchsia lambswool flannel suiting
- the fabric that began my downhill fall. You see, I happened to be reading the PR boards and stumbled across a discussion about how great this fuchsia lambswool flannel was. I then came across another discussion mentioned it was marked down to $1.95/ yd at The rest is history.

Anyway, I'm still debating which suit pattern. I love the Tracy Reese design - Vogue 1126 - but it may need a lighter weight wool. Perhaps Vogue 8543, but again, it may be too heavy for that peplum. I'll have to think on this one a bit. But not too long as I'd like to wear it yet this season.

The other fabrics? Well the jersey knits were purchased as possible linings as they are not colors I can wear. The purple silk/rayon and the purple cotton voile - well, I just don't know. But it doesn't matter...I think I have plenty to keep me busy for a very long time.

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  1. Fabrics, they make me so happyyyyyy

  2. Thanks for sharing your pattern plans with this fabric. I got alot of the marked down Vera Wang fabric, but I missed out of the cobalt multi and the ivory boucle. I can't wait to see your creations with them.

  3. Can't wait to see the end result of the projects... I am excited for you...

  4. What fun! I think you will look fabulous in the Sandra Betzina skirt. Totally.

  5. Lovely haul of fabric and nice line-p of patterns. I managed to get a 2yds of the charteuse and 5yds of the charcoal houndstooth.

  6. I can't believe the price! Lots of nice projects there!

  7. Its so funny to watch Vera fever as the fabric got marked down to $1.95. I'm sure had a huge shipping week off of that one! Those fabrics brought me back to big time last year and as you can see my last couple of garments have been made from some of those fabrics.

    Originally I was disappointed with that cobalt blue but now I'm thinking about felting my yardage and making something from that...that was an amazing haul!!! You did good!

  8. Oh, man! You have such excellent taste in fabric and patterns! but then you're a also a very good seamstress, so you know what types of fabrics to buy.

    Me? When I go into a fabric store,which is like a candy store to me, I get overwhelmed, and seriously do not know what to buy, so I end up buying nothing! LOL!

  9. Love your choices. The wool crepe sold out before my order was shipped. I know you'll make something beautiful.

  10. I like your plans. I have a few of those fabrics also, couldn't pass up on the bargain!

  11. Wow! That's a lot of fabric. You must sew lightening fast, it would take me forever :)

  12. I got some of the same fabrics in my boxES!! I made Vogue 8603 with the gathered sides and back peplum using the fuschia lambswool -- the weight of the fabric did great with the back peplum. I think it would do equally well for you.
    I can't believe how much fabric I have gotten at such a good price. Plus, the quality is amazing. I bought the fuschia and the orange herringbone back before it went down to $1.95, but even then it was a good price for the quality. I used the orange herringbone to make a skirt last weekend. I need to get cracking on some reviews!
    They didn't put one of my fabrics in the box I got yesterday. I called and they gave me a refund, but I must say I was disappointed. It was the only fabric for which I actually had a plan!



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