Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Purple! or McCall's 6036 tee shirt pattern review

Just thought it appropriate to post something purple. After all, as I write this (very quickly I might add) the Vikings are playing to determine if they will indeed be in the Superbowl.

This tee-shirt was sewn using a new release from McCall's. It's McCall's 6036, one of their "Make it Crafty" patterns. It's a basic scoop neck tee or tank with fabric embellishments, such as ruffles, flowers or lace appliques.

Of course I didn't need a t-shirt pattern, and yes, I could have figured out the embellishments on my own, but yet I purchased it when it was under a dollar.

It's a basic tee, nothing special about the construction process. There were a few things I did that were not included in the instructions.

I stablized the shoulder seams with clear elastic.

Rather than sew a 5/8" narrow hem at the neckline, per the instructions, I serged clear elastic onto the wrong side of the neck edge...

...turned the edge under and stitched in place. I wasn't concerned that it didn't look perfect since I planned to add the neck ruffle, which will cover that puckered area.

The ruffle is simply a narrow piece of fabric, cut twice the measurement of the neck edge, gathered in the center and stitched in place.

Here's what the neckline looks like from the inside.

I don't own a cover stitch machine so I stitched the hem using my usual technique of ironing lite steam-a-seam to the inside of the hem...

... and pressing the hem in place. The steam-a-seam not only holds the hem in place, but it provides a bit of stability, helping prevent a stretched out hem.

With no double needle in site, I sewed two separate rows of stitches. The top shows the right side, the bottom shows the inside.

Since I usually sew with a size 12 I couldn't decide if I should cut a small (8-10) or a medium (12-14) for this top. The description read "close fitting" so I ended up cutting a small at the neck and shoulder and a medium.

I wouldn't consider this close fitting so next time I'll cut with a small. The one item of clothing I do like tight is tees. This has way too much ease for me.

In the meantime, worn tucked in the tee will work nicely for the office paired with slacks and a jacket.
Now back to the game. Pin It


  1. That turned out really well!! I can see why you are going to size down next time, though!

  2. I like the ruffle around the neck of the tee! And great color!!!

  3. Beautiful, love the fabric color...

  4. I love that dressed up Tshirt! So feminine and a terrific updated look.

  5. love the shirt! but, i gotta say it: Who dat say they gonna beat dem Saints! Who dat! Who dat!

  6. What a beauty. The ruffled neck edge really makes the blouse. The purple is just nothing short of gorgeous.

  7. Very cute T. Whenever I make a tshirt or knit top, I do what Marcy Tilton suggests - leave side seams to last and pin fit it before sewing. Then it doesn't matter if the pattern is too loose, you can sew it to fit how you like. Also all knits fit a bit different.

  8. Beautiful t-shirt. I love the ruffle and that purple is a beautiful colour.

  9. It was a good game. Sorry your boy's won't be visiting me.

    I like how you finished the neckline. I'm going to try the elastic - great idea.

    I need the ease to hide the belly and I sure don't tuck in LOL. I like it tucked..very nice for the office.

    Enjoy your sewing moments.

  10. Very cute. Thanks for the tips.

  11. This is a gorgeous colour on you. I was wondering if you used a serger to stitch this top up since it looks like it is a knit fabric?

    Good work btw!

  12. I really like the embellishment and it is a great color.

  13. Cute tee! Sorry about the game but I admit that I was cheering for the Saints.

  14. Nice tee - thanks for showing the detail!

  15. BEAUTIFUL! I love this!



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