Monday, January 25, 2010

1-1/2 yards please and by the way, how much was that?

Another post about Hancock Fabrics (sorry!).

Don't they realize I'm on their side? But they're making it hard, very hard indeed.

Let me tell you my little story.

Stopped at Hancock Fabrics recently to spend a gift certificate.

After selecting patterns and buttons I wandered into the fabric section. Tried not to get too excited, but they had their wools marked down - 50% off. Yes!

In an effort to be thoughtful with my purchases, I carefully selected my fabrics with specific items in mind.

Went to the cutting table just as another customer was finishing.

Placed one bolt on the cutting table as I patiently waited for the clerk to finish clearing the cutting table.

Another customer arrived after me and asked clerk if anyone else was cutting, to which she replied no, it's just me and I have to have this cleared off before I can start cutting or I could cut things wrong.


Once she was ready I handed her my first bolt and told her how much I wanted. I pulled out a slip of paper to write down yardage and pricing knowing the barcode wouldn't provide that for me.

Without a word, she measured, cut, folded, applied the barcode and handed the fabric to me.

Wait a minute! I need to know that she knew how much I asked for as well as how much it was per yard. Remember? I have no other way of knowing if sale prices will be correct until I get to the register.

So I asked. With a bit of sigh she told me.

Gave her the next bolt, told her how much I wanted and watched her do the same thing.

And again, I asked, how much is this?

After receiving my answer, I handed her the next bolt and gave my request for yardage.

Surely by now she knows I want to know how much it costs before she cuts and hands it to me.

Nope. Had to ask again.

By now she's getting a little irritated with me because I keep asking how much everything is.

But wait, it gets better.

One fabric didn't have the correct price. I told her it was on sale.

She said well it doesn't come up on sale.

I said yes it is on sale and left the table to to the show her where that fabric was marked on sale.

She said well it doesn't come up on sale.

I politely said, but it is on sale.

She said then I'll have to write it up manually.

To which I replied thank you.

But wait! There's more.

Last time I checked 1-1/2 yards is 54" of fabric.

Yep, looks good.

Oops! Wait a minute! That says 51", not 54".

Sure enough, 1-1/2 yards along the folded edge, and four inches less along the selvage edge.


In all my years of sewing and buying fabric (many years) I've never been shorted like this. I sure hope this was just a mistake and not because she was getting irritated and not paying attention. All I wanted was to know how much something cost before I paid for it.

I'm going to pull out all the other fabrics and remeasure them. As for this piece? I changed tracks and decided to use it for a skirt.

C'mon Hancock Fabrics! Work with me here. I'm on your side!

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  1. I don't know about Hancock, in these economic times it seems that customer service should be at the top of the employees's list. I live on the East Coast and I am very particular about where I buy fabric. If the customer service"STINKS" I move on, they don't need my bussines.

  2. Been there, too! I tried to fight the fight but I just always felt like I was the bad guy.

  3. I remember the days when cutters checked to make sure the edges were even and straightened the edges if needed. And that was because people who worked in fabric stores usually sewed and knew better. *sigh* Those were the days.

  4. I don't have a Hancock near me, but I do go in the other chain at times. I find it frustrating that most of the folks who work there know nothing about sewing! I really don't think the ones who cut my fabric would have any clue that it makes a difference if the fabric is cut like that. Six months ago there were some ladies in the store who were knowledgeable, but they haven't been there lately. I don't get into town that often anyway, so I now do most of my fabric shopping online.

  5. Sorry to hear about your experience. Sadly there are many people who are like that in the world. I am sure the new bar code system is in place for a good reason. It's just the people who are unwilling to go the extra mile of learning and serving the customers.

  6. I honestly believe that Hancocks doesnt at least Google themselves to see what people are saying. I have had problems with cutting, cleanliness of stores and stock. On multiple occasions I have emailed or called their offices. I have yet to get a response. It is sad that there are so little choices left for a sewist.

  7. Anonymous2:14 PM

    In Canada it's Fabricland. Same deal with zero customer service. I have googled it and the customer comments are consistently bad across the country. I now boycott the store as do my sewing friends but there are few other fabric shops. I have now experienced shopping for fabric on-line with very good success. I do however miss touching the fabric, but often samples can be requested for special purchases. At least I don't feel I have been abused every time I make a purchase.

  8. Sounds just like Spotlight in Sydney. I don't shop there anymore. I might be banned anyway because I refused to pay for piece after it had been cut because it was on the sale table was wasn't marked down on the register.

  9. Don't give up, at least you know someone from Hancock is reading your blog, hopefully it will help. I love my Hancock the sales ladies are very nice. And your blog saved me from looking like an idiot at the store lol.

  10. I think you should email Hancock Fabrics a link to this topic.

  11. What happened to "The customer is always right"? Most fabric cutters will give a little extra when the fabric isn't cut straight. Alle ht Hancock around here went out of business. I wonder why?

  12. Keep writing about them. Maybe someone will pay attention, and re-think who they hire (be it at a local or corporate level) and how they've implemented the @#$& stickers. If no other reason, it makes me appreciate the store I go to. Most of the employees have been knowledgable (or willing to learn if they didn't know something) and carefull when cutting fabric. Can't remember if they repeat back the yardage and price though.

  13. I really hate this keeps happening to you. Hopefully the corporate office will pay special attention to this location and whip them into shape. If it helps, I'm not in love with right now.

  14. But they are obviously not on yours! Doesn't matter what they say in corporate...if it's not carried out at your local store! Are you SURE you want to keep shopping there! *wicked grin*



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