Monday, November 16, 2009

I think I'm in love - or - why did I wait so long to sew this Burda dress?

Burda World of Fashion 02/08 103 dress

Isn't it fabulous? The draping and the shaping add up to one stunningly sexy dress. This is one of those sewing projects that you try on and go "wow...this looks good."

The dress is #103 from the February 2008 issue of Burda World of Fashion. As soon as I saw it in the magazine I knew I wanted to sew one for myself.

Burda World of Fashion 02/08 103 dress mag

In fact, I traced the pattern pieces within days of receiving the magazine. And promptly stuffed them into an envelope to await just the right piece of fabric.

I wasn't the only one enthralled with the dress, and reviews for the dress (called the "Tippi Hedren" dress) started popping up over at Pattern Review. One thing some of the reviewers noted was the confusing directions for sewing the twist drape front portion of the dress. Not too surprising considering BWOF is known for their lack of clear sewing instructions.

As I was searching my patterns recently for a dress to sew with one of the knits I purchased during my recent 45-minute mad dash inside SR Harris, I rediscovered this dress pattern traced and ready to go.

Only one little problem. As soon as my scissors snipped the very last pattern piece I remembered that at one point I had been tracing BWOF patterns not realizing that seam allowances needed to be added. I had a sinking feeling that this was one of those patterns. Sure enough, it was.

*Sigh* Hoping for the best, I proceeded to sew the dress together using narrow serged seams and eliminating the back darts. It fits, but it's quite form fitting. This is one dress that will definitely not be making an appearance at the office.

As far as that confusing front twist drape? I actually didn't find it that difficult. I had more trouble understanding why the right front drape should not be sewn to the waist seam. Turns out it is part of the front drape, which wasn't clear to me when I began. The twist drape portion is a bit time consuming, and you do need to make sure you have all the numbers and lines marked, but if you follow the instructions it will work.

Burda World of Fashion 02/08 103 dress wrap

My secret? I pinned and basted everything to determine if it was put together correctly before sewing any permanent seam.

My only complaint with the pattern is that I waited so long to sew it up!
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  1. Love that fabric's perfect for that dress! And you're's an amazing pattern! I think I'll have to take mine when we go to Vegas!

  2. Great dress, fabulous fabric. Remember better late than never :)!

  3. I'm more than a little in love with this dress too. Just waiting for the right piece of cloth.

  4. I love the fabric--great job!

  5. Love the dress - please can we see a picture of you wearing it?

  6. That looks gorgeous! I'd love to see it on you.

  7. That is a perfect date-night dress!Ooh la la!

  8. Great review of this dress. I especially appreciate your explaining the twist feature. Love the fabric and the style. May have to try this one soon.

  9. Looks like a wonderful dress. But I too would love to see it modeled by you. It looks really comfortable to wear too, is it?

  10. Love the fabric and love the dress but the print hides some of the beautiful detail of the dress. It's a beautiful dress - I hope you make it again!

  11. No wonder you're in love! This dress is gorgeous and it might have been a wait but that fabric is perfect for it.

  12. Thanks for your comment on my blog. ;-)
    As we had at the same time, the same idea. I love this dress and can not understand why I've waited so long to sew it.
    I like your version also very beautiful! The fabric is fabulous!

  13. That dress is beautiful and I LOVE that fabric. I made that dress several months ago and I love it.

  14. Where is the picture of you wearing it? It looks gorgeous in the picture, but I would love to actually see it on you!

  15. Please Sharon, could we see it on you? I'm one of those busty women who really need to see how patterns drape on the body before I decide to make something. It looks wonderful on your dummy. Thanks for making it up. ;)

  16. Patience bloggy friends! I will indeed post a photo of the dress being worn but it will still be a few more days...

    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I've begun another version in a solid color. And this time I remembered to add seam allowances :-)



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