Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vogue 1128 coat progress

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm trying to whip this coat up quickly so I'll be able to wear it a few times before this year's snow and cold set in for good.

So in between the usual weekend fun - (you know the fun I'm talking about - laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning) - I managed to spend a couple hours working on the coat. Both the coat and the lining are sewn. All that's needed to complete the coat is to sew in the lining, add a large button, and sew the hems.

As I was sewing I was listening to Lori's latest podcast. One thing that struck me was her comment regarding the need to really get back into the rhythm of sewing after having been away from it for a while.

I can really relate to that. When I don't sew on a regular basis I find that it takes me longer to do things, I make more errors, and I need to refer to sewing instructions more often. Is that true for you also?

Case in point. As I was working on the coat I managed to sew the pocket welts on incorrectly. Not just once mind you. But twice. You see I removed the welt stitches and proceeded to pin and sew the welt on in the exact same place as I had sewed it previously! Which meant I needed to rip it out and begin again.

Due to the stitching, ripping and restitching I stretched the opening for the welt pocket. The fabric I'm using is fairly light weight and can be manipulated (meaning stretched) easily. To compensate for that I planned to add interfacing to the inside of the coat along the welt stitching area to give it some stability.

But in my eagerness to begin sewing the coat I forgot. So the welts were just a wee bit too short for the opening. It's about 1/8" of inch - maybe a bit less - off. With barely enough fabric to cut all the pieces for the coat to begin with, I didn't have extra for new welts. With the busyness of the fabric it's not noticeable, however I'll always know it's there. I plan on adding a small decorative "patch" on the each end of the welt to disguise the mistake.

After the welt fiasco, all seemed to go well. That is, until I somehow caught a portion of the front lining when serging the front facing and lining together. Fortunately, it was only a small piece that was caught and, after cutting it free, I discovered most of the missing fabric was in a seam allowance.

Those sewing mistakes aside, the coat is coming along rather nicely. Take note that this is one loose fitting coat! It really reminds me of some of the loose fitting mid-80s designs. Of course, maybe that's just because I spent time yesterday flipping through Vogue sewing magazines from the 1980s.

Carolyn, you mentioned in the comments that you plan on making this coat also. I do have a few tips- not many- that I'll share when I review the coat in detail after it's completed. Pin It


  1. That sounds exactly like me, little mistakes and everything takes longer.

    Your coat looks great, very pretty fabric.

  2. LOVE this coat! What a beautiful fabric and style. I'm working on some extra wide drapes (so frustrating ) that I made previously and decided to wash on gentle. Grrr! They've shrunken at least 7",and I also have to fix the pleats on the other slider drape." As they say, That will learn ya",LOL. Maybe I can wrap myself up in them for the winter ;)
    I would love to make your coat 'though maybe next yr. It is just Beautiful.

  3. Wow, this coat is coming along really quickly, even with a couple of little errors along the way! It looks like it's going to be really lovely - that fabric is gorgeous.

  4. Your coat will be beautiful. Love that print.

    I think my brain gets stuck in a loop sometimes, and make the same mistake over and over and over and-----!!!

  5. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! It happens to me all the time!

    Love the coat!

  6. I love that fabric!! What exactly is it?

  7. This looks great, and can hardly see any serger oops! The print helps. But you're right about needing time to get back into the "zone" of sewing...sometimes even if I'm away from it for two weeks or so, I need time to warm-up so that I'm back to my old normal speed.



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