Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I swore I'd never it - or - Never say never

See that? Yep, it's a big ole' bolt of fleece that I purchased.

Me. The self-proclaimed fleece snob.

Me. The one who bought 3 yards of fleece back in the day when it was new and hard to find but has not yet sewn it.

Me. Who hates the static-feeling I get when I wear the stuff.

But you see it turned cold the other day. And I saw this cute zip front lounge-wear pattern (Simplicity 2482) that looked like it would be so cozy to wear on a cold winter day. And then I saw the animal print fleece and convinced myself that fleece wasn't so bad after all.

What the heck. As long as I'm buying fleece I might as well buy enough fleece to make a *gasp* snuggie! Ha! I'm still chuckling to myself about that one. Pin It


  1. Great decision to buy a whole bolt! Looks like you're set for the whole winter :)

  2. Fleece definitely has a place. Make your cute lougewear, and you'll love it this winter when you can snuggie up in it.

  3. i hate that static feeling too. in 8th grade, my first sewing project in school was to make pajama pants- I picked out fleece because I thought it would be warm and comfy. But I never wore them because of all the static! But I must say, a snuggie is on my Christmas list this year! :)

  4. So do you think you will actually use the fleece, or will you store it indefinitely?

  5. I think if you're going to go down the fleece route an animal print is definitely the way to go. I love animal prints, I am irresistibly drawn to them so I think that your loungewear is going to look fabulously glamorous.

  6. I have made the Anne Person "Cuddle Coat" a couple of times for myself, mother and sister. I loved the pattern and it looked good when worn. One thing with fleece is follow the washing instructions and do not add fabric softener, one of the reasons the fleece compresses and pills. Ask me how I know.

    The Simplicity pattern is very cute. I would pass on the snuggie though.

  7. And Kwik Sew has an actual snuggie pattern if you need one.


  8. I have eaten my words more often than I can possibly remember. I finally learned not to ever say never! Ha! I love the feel of fleece. Also, it's so easy to sew with!!! It's warm too.
    A snugglie, hum..... A well made one out of a nice quality fleece might be a pretty good thing to have.

  9. I bought some that looks a lot like that. I plan to make the zippered version of Jalie 2682 with it! It hasn't gotten quite cold enough here for me to sit down and make it, though! Well, I don't have the right zipper either.

  10. Ah not all fleece is bad! Every once in a while you will find a piece that must come home with you! Are you gonna take a picture of you in the snuggie? ;)



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