Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday - Vintage 1950s "Make it with Towels"

Have fun looking through the pages of this vintage Make it with Towels booklet published by the educational department of Cannon Mills, Inc. There's no copyright date on it, so I was guessing 1950s based on the hair styles of the drawings. If you know the actual date leave a comment for us.

Click on the photos to go to my Flickr account for larger views.

Front cover

page 1
Page 1

page 2
Page 2

page 3
Page 3

page 4
Page 4

page 5
Page 5

page 6
Page 6

Back cover

Hey, sorry for the watermark on these scans. I don't care if you use these - that's why I'm posting them, I want you to use the ideas - but I've found some of my previous tutorial and project photos on some sites with my copyright info cropped off of them.

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  1. In this new era of make-do-and-mend this make it with towels idea is looking pretty good! Everyone needs a 'pretty party apron' but I'm not sure what my husband will think when he arrives home to find me wearing my towelling 'matching stole, bra and shorts'!

  2. I don't remember the leaflet, but I remember our Mom making us swimming coverups out of towels in the late 60's.

  3. Wow! Those are some pretty nifty illustrations. I like the party apron, but not sure I have the right 'size' towel for myself, LOL!



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