Saturday, October 31, 2009

Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again.

So cliche.

But oh so true.

When I arrived home yesterday afternoon, the latest issue of Threads was waiting for me. (Folded in half with a rubber binder wrapped around it - which drives me nuts because the magazine will always have a slight crease in it. It's such a minor thing that it annoys me that I'm annoyed by it...)

Eagerly, I plopped myself down at the kitchen table and began flipping through the pages. Usually I just flip through and set the magazine aside for a more in-depth reading later. However, I found myself pulled into many of these articles from the start. (I especially liked the designer denim Vogue 1052 photograph. Honestly, sometimes I amaze myself at how uncreative I can be as I would *never* have thought this jacket was sewn from that pattern...)

Anyway, when I got to the Quick to Make section I saw this great circular vest. And was thrilled. You see, in one of my vintage pattern catalogs - Butterick Fall 1973 to be exact - I had come across a photograph of a circular reversible jacket that I always had the intention of recreating. Not out of the faux fur mind you, but something sleeker, with less bulk, more up-to-date.

And voila! There it is, right in the pages of Threads, complete with full instructions and photographs.

Just goes to show...everything old is new again. Pin It


  1. Sharon,

    That was an interesting issue of Threads. It felt like a compilation of everything that's been discussed on the internet lately. So are you going to try the vest?

  2. I got my Threads Thursday also. I will be reading it as we travel to hometown to visit MIL today. I perused it and found some interesting things to read later.

    I still have not get my Vogue Pattern Magazine yet. Maybe today!

  3. I love that vest. My cousin would too. If I have time that will be her Christmas gift from me.

  4. I saw that too! I am going to make it with some new fabric I just picked up...... ooo... the possibilities!

    Blessings- linda

  5. This issue of Threads has a lot of good information. Love the vest! I like the article about trims also.

  6. I guess I need to check out Threads! Yes, it is interesting how the styles go around and around!

  7. I've got to get the issue of Threads. looks good!

  8. I've never read Threads magazine, but it sounds like something I should look into. The vest is cute indeed. Look forward to seeing your version!



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