Sunday, October 25, 2009

Candy corn and black cats

Halloween. Mmmmm, candy corn. You know how Superman's weakness is krypotnite? Well, mine's candy corn. Yep, I'd even choose those pieces of solid sugar over a bar of chocolate. Unlike Superman I won't die after a 2 hour exposure, but I'm pretty certain I'd be in a sugar induced coma, so I stay away from the stuff.

Unless it's this Halloween print with adorable black cats wearing candy corn shaped hats that is.

2492 apron

When I was visiting Stacey last week (yes! my first face-to-face visit with a blog friend!) I remembered I had this fabric in my stash after seeing the Halloween themed placemats she had on her table were sewn from the same fabric.

I originally purchased it for an apron, so an apron it became.

The pattern is Simplicity 2492, which includes this apron, a half apron as well as "kitchen accessories" (aka a potholder and sachet) and felt food.

All sizes, small through large, are included in the pattern and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are different pattern pieces for each size.

This one is a medium (14-16) and I found that the sizing to be very generous. However, as it was sewn as a gift, I'd rather err on the side of too large rather than too small.

2492 back

This cute retro-inspired apron and rather simple to sew. However if, like me, bias binding is not your friend put the pattern down and back away. That's because every edge - with the exception of the tie - is finished with bias binding.

And it should come as no surprise that I wasn't paying attention to the instructions. When I added binding around the outer bodice and neck edges I neglected to add an additional 20" for the tie. So I added a button and buttonhole instead. By looking closely at this photo, you'll discover why I don't like bias binding - to this day I struggle getting the ends nice and neat. *sigh*

back button

It's interesting to note that the designer has an Etsy shop offering these aprons and the neck is not finished with a tie end as per the instructions. Click on one of the photos showing the back of the apron.

The next version I make I'm modifying the pattern so that the neck edge is one piece that is pulled over the head.

I was pleased to discover the instructions included a finishing detail for hiding the bias binding edge behind the tie.

Simply extend the bias binding 3/4" beyond the apron edge.

tie end bias extend

Turn it 3/4" under between the apron and tie and press.

tie end bias fold

Top stitch in place.

tie end bias sew

My apron has rick rack trim along the pocket edge as well as the neck edge where the bodice joins the straps. Just another little touch giving it that retro look.

Rick rack close up

There you have it. Another instant gratification sewing project. I even kept with the animal print theme (well kind of).

Now I really must get back to finishing the Vogue coat.

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  1. Oh my goodness NOW I'm devastated. I want an apron and I don't have anymore black cat fabric. Wanna trade? I mean really, Sharon, can you EAT on that apron? Okay, you can, but it would look silly sitting on your table. Just swap out the placemats for the apron and you'll be all set! LOVE this, you're awesome!!

  2. Love this print! And the black rick-rack is the perfect touch!

  3. Cute apron. I love aprons. I'm going to make a couple for holiday hostess gifts.

  4. What a great apron.

    Candy corns is my favorite, too.

  5. What a nice apron! I love it!

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM

    This is so cute!!

  7. great apron! I LOVE Halloween kitties. I just noticed your photos - you put the pattern info in them along with your copyright info - nice idea! What do you use to do this?

  8. Cute apron! I really think I should try and see if people sell candy corn here. I hear people on blogs everywhere talk about it and I never tasted it, I never even saw it in real life. Can you imagine that? :-)

  9. Love that apron - it's stinkin' adorable. And then the pumpkin bread photo shoot - you rock! g



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