Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Buy doesn't want my money

"I can't sell that to you until next week."

As the sales associate uttered those words my husband and I looked at each other in disbelief.

"You're kidding, right?"

Alas, no.

Let me return to the beginning of the story.

We've been contemplating the purchase of a laptop for quite some time now. Actually for about six months - ever since our previous one died. Our home computer was beginning to act up and we could put a mobile computer to good use at an upcoming event, so we decided last night was the night. The night a laptop was coming home with us.

Best Buy was the logical choice as they're a retail outlet conveniently located near to us. You know, the kind of store where you walk in, find what you want, pay for it and leave with merchandise in hand and a big smile on your face.

As we entered the store, the door guard - er - greeter, cheerfully acknowledged us. Since we've been in the store numerous times we knew exactly where we were going and quickly made our way to the aisle where the laptops were located.

Except the display shelves were empty.

"That's weird" I muttered to my husband. "Where are all the laptops?"

"They must have moved them" he replied.

After wandering through a few aisles we discovered that they did indeed move the laptops - to the back storage room! Which we found out after my husband asked the nice young sales associate about the mysterious lack of laptops.

Imagine our surprise when we were informed that they had plenty of laptops in the back, but they could not sell them until Windows 7 was released next week.

"Ummm, that doesn't work for us. Why can't we purchase a computer and have the upgrade later?"

Apparently they already loaded Windows 7 on the laptops and since it's not officially released yet they can not sell us the product. Good grief, who thought up that crazy idea?

The sales associate - who we do not fault in anyway as they were only doing their job - was more than apologetic and agreed that it is hard to tell customers that even though they have money to buy a computer he/she is unable to sell them one.

Amazed we left the store shaking our heads wondering if we could locate one elsewhere in the needed time frame.

Basically Best Buy said "yep, we know you want to spend your money here, but we wont sell you what you want until next week. Yep, we know you wanted it tonight, but you can come back on the 22nd and we can sell it to you then."

But there is good news. Since I was unable to purchase the laptop in the timeframe I wanted, I now have time to investigate other purchasing options.

And its highly likely it won’t be Best Buy.
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  1. Although I must admit that I am excited for Windows 7 and have been contemplating dropping 100 and some-odd dollars to put it on my computer that just missed the cutoff date for a free upgrade, I have to say that that was a very poor decision on Best Buy's part, especially through a recession.

    They are still a booming business, but in this economy, you take every dollar your customer is willing to give.

    Consider it their loss, between you and whoever else that might visit the store this week to buy a laptop, they could be out thousands of bucks customers would have used to buy the laptops, accessories, and service plans!

  2. That is nuts! We are a computer company (sales, service, consultion, etc.) and I am sitting here utterly amazed that you can't buy a laptop from a major retailer! We were chosen to be a Windows 7 Launch Party host so on next Thursday we are hosting a Windows 7 party. A houseful of geeks! Yeah! LOL!

  3. Sharon, this is an excellent opportunity to go Apple. I had no difficulty learning it even though I've been a long time Windows user. And they have Geniuses at the stores.

  4. Gee, maybe TigerDirect (NAYY) can sell you one with Winders XP ...

  5. I have an Apple and I'll certainly never go back - seriously wonderful! And I was a windows fan previously!! Good luck!

  6. It is highly unlikely that the decision was Best Buy's.

  7. That illustrates why I don't like Bill Gates and Microsoft! He can dictate what stores sell and when they can sell it! It's the same reason I don't like Walmart! Isn't this the United States of America?!? What ever happened to free trade!!!! (Okay, I'll calm down ) :)

  8. Craziness exemplified!!!

  9. Sounds like "Big Brother" George Orwell 1984 thing. (you will have what we want you to have when we want you to have it.........)

  10. Oh good grief - that is ridiculous!!!!!! I get a free upgrade to Windows 7 - exciting as I find Vista annoying. My old laptop was considered a lemon by Best Buy and I got a new one a few months ago. It is the only time I have ever bought an extended warranty and it actually paid off. They tried to sell me the extended warranty on the new laptop, but I figured that prices are so much cheaper now that I can buy a new one in a year or two for what the warranty would cost.
    Good luck to you!!



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