Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend wrapup - Fashion in the Sky

Sewing in the studio this past weekend was once again limited to alterations. I do believe I'm now done. At least until Thursday when I'll have a fitting for what I hope will be a simple hemming of a dress. A friend from church helped me with some work stuff and in return I offered her my sewing services.

Although I wasn't able to spend much time devoted to sewing, I did have a chance to attend a fun fashion show Saturday evening. The show, "Fashion in the Sky", was part of this year's MN Fashion Week fall 2009.

So much fun! I had forgotten how much I enjoy the atmosphere of a choreographed fashion show! The last fashion show I attended (other than the historical society's Retro Rama) was in the late 70s or early 80s. I don't recall too much about it except that it was put on by Ebony magazine with an elegant atmosphere and gorgeous fashions.

Last night's event was held on a rooftop terrace in St. Paul, which could be quite risky weather-wise the end of September in Minnesota. Fortunately it was a beautiful fall evening, perfect for a party under the stars. The atmosphere was festive, the music throbbing, the lighting artistic, and the hors d'oeuvres delicious. All in the company of a fashionista friend.

The fashions, from a number of St. Paul boutiques including Karma, Picky Girl, Stephanie's, Flirt, Ecotique, and Details Style Lab for Men, were interesting.

I gotta admit that I found the men's portion a bit silly. Every man came out barefoot, wearing jeans or casual pants and a button front shirt. As they walked the runway they removed the button front shirt, revealing a t-shirt, which was also removed revealing their bare chests. Some of the younger woman went wild, but I couldn't help thinking "is this a Chippendale show or a fashion show?" Although to be fair they did have woman modeling lingerie from Flirt.

With the runway not well light it was difficult to see the details but I was still able to come away with a few good ideas. This show was one of the last events for the fashion week and next year I'll need to remember to block my calendar a bit earlier so I can partake in more of the festivities.

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  1. You do so many fun things!

  2. I enjoyed reading about the fashion show. I'm on a committee to plan a wearable arts fashion show. The clothing, jewelry, bags, etc... are all hand made by artists in the SE area. There are some gorgeous creations in this show. finding a venue has been the hardest thing to do in this rural area.

  3. It sounds like you are really into the behind the scenes aspect of fashion! How fun! No wonder you're so knowledgeable about sewing and patterns and fashion!

  4. I know it's been awhile, but I finally found the two vintage Barbie patterns that I own. They were right where they should be. I just kept overlooking them. One is Simplicity 5785 from the Simplicity Archives; and the other is Simplicity 5356 from 1981.



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