Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Perfect Knit Dress take two - or - McCalls 5974 view D review

Everything I wrote about this dress pattern in my blog post yesterday still holds true. This really is a great knit dress.

Fitting ease in the dress
Before I begin, let me address a question. Vicki asked if this was the perfect knit dress why the ease issue? I responded to her in the comments, but it's a great question so I'll respond here also. I think this was designed to be a looser fitting knit dress. I say that based on the intro paragraph on the instruction sheets. Pati Palmer begins by writing about how her thin daughter can wear body-hugging knits, but she cannot. At the end of that paragraph Pati Palmer says "And, if you follow our fit instructions, you will make the dress loose enough to also help you in the camouflage department!"

Again, I think ease is a personal preference. Some might sew this dress in their "normal" size and be pleased while others, like myself, might decide they want it just a tiny bit tighter.

McCall's 5974 View D
Yesterday I wrote about McCall's 5974 View B, the dress with the scoop neck, midriff band and no tie. As promised, here are my thoughts on View D, the dress with the fabulous tie.

5974 View D 2

I did the same alterations for View D as I did for View B. A small (3/8") FBA, a forward shoulder adjustment, a sway back adjustment and a small (less than 1/4") round back adjustment. I also needed to shorten the long sleeves by two inches but that's pretty typical of everything I sew.

A wonderful knit that my blog friend Gaylen picked up for me. How long ago was it anyway? I don't remember. She, of course, sewed hers up right away while I tucked mine away and promptly forgot about it. Until I saw this pattern in the new McCall's pattern catalog that is. This knit was made for this pattern - the right weight, the right drape, and the right print.

Sewing the dress
The construction is almost identical to View B, so if you want the details and tips, check out yesterday's post under "Sewing the dress".

What's different about this view, is that this dress features a faux wrap front and ties. The center edges of the bodice are matched, right over left, and basted together before sewing to the band.

To finish the neckline I serged clear elastic to the inside of the neck edge, turned the edge to the inside, and stitched in place.

5974 View D clear elastic neckline

5974 view D neck edge

The tie is sewn into the side seam. The tie is long, measuring about 44" or so from each side seam. It's about 10" wide where it joins the side seams and tapers down to a couple inches near the end.

Here you can see the tie attached to the side seams before it is tied.

5974 View D ties untied

The ties cross in front, as shown here, cross again in back, ending up being tied in a knot in the front.

5974 View D ties

The design of the neckline, combined with the clear elastic finish, make the vee stay where it belongs no matter how I move around.

5974 View D 1

I said this before and I'll say it again. Move over McCall's 5752. There's a new "perfect knit dress" kid in town and she's called McCall's 5974.

By the way, did anyone notice the purple shoes?
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  1. You look fantastic in your new favorite dress. Great job.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. That makes sense. It sure looks good on you :)

  3. Congratulations on a great dress and an informative post. I may just have to have this pattern.

  4. I love that sewn-in tie.

  5. Great dress - fabulous shoes - thanks for reviewing this patttern so well!

  6. The perfect part about that dress is how it looks on you - gorgeous!

  7. What a nice dress and I love the fabric. But you know, you have such a great figure, that I'm certain ANYTHING would look great on you. That's just the gist of it. But you are a great seamstress that's for sure. I just wish I could look that good in a dress!

  8. How gorgeous you look! Not fair!

  9. You look very happy in that dress, and well you should! It's terrific. Purple shoes? Oh yeh!

  10. You look fantastic and I love the shoes!

  11. You are right, this is now the perfect knit dress. Both versions look great on you. I noticed the shoes but did not realize they were purple. Love them

  12. I'm jealous - your dress looks so much better than mine. That is a great dress. I need to make new clothes! g

  13. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Fabulous dress Sharon. Thank you for a great review. I've made the other "Perfect KNit Dress" and now I MUST make this one!

  14. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Beautiful dress. I just love the fabric....

  15. fabulous look on you. i love wrap dresses but always have a problem with the top gaping open. maybe a fit issue, but does this one have adequate overlap in the bust area?

  16. Gorgeous dress!! The shoes are also fabulous!! Plus, I am sure it is very comfortable!

  17. I am looking at your dress again. Do you mind telling me what type of fabric is considered perfect for this dress? I have only recently started working with knits - I find it challenging to find the right weight and texture! Thanks!



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