Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ooooo, shiny! Metallic linen jacket sewn from Simplicity 2701

I love, love, love the first version of Simplicity 2701 that I sewed last March. (See blog post here.)

I loved it so much so that I immediately cut out another to sew from a metallic linen purchased from Emma One Sock. And packed it away after realizing I didn't have matching thread or a button that would work.

I mean, what do you choose when your fabric at times appears golden, other times pink, and yet other times burgundy? I ended up choosing burgundy thread as it blended in the best, but finding a button that worked took more time. I thought for sure I had found the perfect button at Treadle Yard Goods, but after bringing it home and placing it on the fabric I wasn't sure so I purchased another button at Joann's.

Left button from Treadle Yard Goods, right button from Joann's

Close up of button

I ended up using the one from Joann's, which has an interesting design on it, but after seeing the jacket complete it doesn't work. First of all, it's too heavy for the fabric and pulls slightly downward. Secondly, the color is too deep. Up close it works, but from a distance your eye is drawn to the button, which would work if the button was a one-of-a-kind showcase button, but this isn't.

Inside seam finish

Since the jacket is designed to be unlined, and I wanted it unlined so the linen would act like linen, I once again did a Hong Kong finish on the seams, this time using a pink lining that I had on hand.

Back view of jacket

Here's the back view. Notice how your eye goes immediately to the dark button. Unless of course you're distracted by the wrinkly characteristic of the linen. Which doesn't bother me - I like it - but I know it drives some people nuts. I will admit, this piece really does wrinkle like crazy.

So here it is. A metallic linen jacket using Simplicity 2701. No collar this time as I didn't have enough fabric. I also choose to add the pleated patch pockets this time just for a slightly different look.

Simplicity 2701 jacket sewn from metallic linen

Gotta tell ya. I still love my first one much, much more. I'm just not sure about this one. While I own the perfect pants to pair it with, I don't know if I can actually bring myself to wear it. I feel like it's a mix between a sci-fi movie costume and a flashback to Dynasty duds. I mean, this thing is bright. (Um, duh, it's metallic.)

Maybe I should have chosen to sew a blouse like Linda did, rather than a jacket. I dunno. I'll have to wear it once before I make my final thumbs up or thumbs down determination.

Fabric choices aside, I still think this is one great jacket pattern. Pin It


  1. First, can I tell you that I like the buttons on the top! That the buttons give your eyes a place to rest because your fabric is busy.

    Second, the fabric is very interesting...and different...and not for the faint of heart. I think you may need to give this a test drive before you decide that it's not really for you!

  2. Why not use self-fabric buttons?

  3. I love the jacket pattern but this one might be a little too "Florida retirement community" for your young attitude!

  4. The first jacket is a lovely classic but I am sure you will find a home in your wardrobe for this one, even if it doesn't come out so often.

  5. I like that pattern, and made a jacket for my daughter from it. I have yet to make one for myself. Your metallic jacket makes me think of--evening wear and the upcoming holidays. Perhaps paired with black velvet pants.

  6. Very interesting fabric. I'm with E. I like the idea of the self-fabric button

  7. I must say, I really like this jacket. I think it would look very funky with some jeans, heeled boots(spike heels would be great), and a white or black t-shirt. I am a thirty-something mom and think the pattern is fantastic, and the fabric gives it some punch.

  8. I like the jacket. I agree with Carolyn the button works. I understand about how you will feel wearing it. Even with my blouse, I have to think about shiny metallic. It is just not my norm to wear shiny. Give it a test drive.



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