Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday - 1979 and a preschooler's puffy jacket

There's something to be said about new sewers. While some are quite content and comfortable steadily progressing to more and more difficult projects, others jump right in with little thought given to the complexity of the item they've chosen to sew.

I was in the latter group. Perhaps it was my personality, or perhaps it was because I was self-taught and thus had no "rules" to follow. Whatever the reason, there were times in my life when I dove in one hundred percent confident whatever I choose to sew would not only be easy, but it would look professional and boutique worthy.

Such was the story behind this smiling little guy's puffy jacket. During one of my weekly journeys to the local fabric store, I came across this pattern in the catalog, McCall's 6784.

It was winter and my little guy needed a jacket. While I didn't have money for a new jacket, I did have enough for a pattern, fabric and a zipper. Ha! Problem solved.

Except that I'd never sewn an outdoor jacket before. Nor had I ever inserted a separating zipper before. Or work with double-sided quilted fabric.


Do you have projects in your life that you can *still* recall the frustration? This was one of those. If you look closely you'll notice that their is no collar on the jacket. That's because I could not, no matter what, figure out how to get the collar on with that darn quilted fabric. So it remained off and I simply turned the edges under and top stitched. So much for a professional and boutique worthy end product *LOL*

Bless his little heart, he wore his green jacket proudly just because his mommy made it especially for him. Pin It


  1. I think it's great how you jumped right in. You learn more that way. And now look at you.

  2. As a new sewer, I was a "jump-right-in" person, too. I remember my first tailored jacket. It still makes me shudder! Now, that I know the work a tailored jacket involves, I'm reluctant to make one. Sigh. I miss that old "jump-right-in" attitude.

  3. We do learn by experience. I think it's great you jumped right in and tackled a difficult project. Just look what you can do now!



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