Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's white and blue and sparkles all over?

An apron perfect for a bride-to-be who's skill in the kitchen is limited baking cupcakes. (I can say that - she freely admits she doesn't cook.)

The underskirt is adorned with a wide ruffle of sheer sparkly blue fabric with pearl encrusted flowers.

Added ruffle

While the upper skirt is an Alexander Henry fabric (starling) trimmed with vintage blue rick-rack that has just a touch of sparkle on it.

Beth apron 08 2009 rick rack

Won't she look adorable wearing this apron while she serves her delicious cupcakes?

Beth apron 08 2009

One of my friend's is getting married soon and her co-worker's threw a recipe shower for her. Everyone brought a dish to share and gave her a copy of the recipe. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the shower in time to share the food, I did the next best thing. Whipped up a one of a kind apron fit for her.

Modifying McCall's 5825 view B

This McCall's pattern is for four retro inspired apron designs as well as an apron mitt. Knowing I only had two hours to cut, sew and wrap this apron I opted for a simple view - view B.

It was simple to achieve the full skirted look I was going for on this apron by adding a large ruffle to the underskirt.
  • Cut the sheer fabric 18" x 65".
  • Finish all four edges - the edges on this apron are serged.
  • Run long gathering stitches along one 65" edge.
  • Measure 6" from the waist of the underskirt and mark.
  • Pin the ruffle along the line marked pulling gathers to fit.
  • Sew in place.
The rest of the apron can be completed following the instructions. The upper and under skirts are sewn together at the waist before adding the waistband and ties. The ties are very long so they can be tied in the back, wrapped in back and tied in front, or tie off to the side like I did for an off-center look.

All in all the apron took 90 minutes. And that includes the time I spent re threading the serger (twice) and clean up.

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  1. That is absolutely adorable! I know she appreciated such a thoughtful gift!!!

  2. I think that is one of the cutest aprons I have seen!

  3. That is just so adorable. I would love to wear that while I ATE the

  4. What a cute apron! I love aprons. LOVE them.

  5. I love that apron!! And yes, it is perfect for a bride who doesn't cook!

  6. Fancy Smancy. I would wear this.

  7. LOVE the underskirt - what a clever and pretty idea!

  8. So pretty and feminine! She will love wearing it!

  9. What a cute little apron. Love the fabric choices.

  10. The apron is perfect for serving cupcakes!! Maybe she can throw cupcake parties and wear the apron!! Too cute!

  11. I love the apron! She will be the envy of all her friends.

  12. Portia7:33 PM

    I'm attempting to finish this apron now, but can't figure out the wasteband. This is my first apron so the pattern is a little confusing (there's a lot going on). The wasteband (piece 5) seems way to small and will leave inches of space before the ties begin. Can you provide any assistance?


  13. Portia - your email isn't included with your profile. If you email me at sewingbysharon at gmail dot com I'm sure I can help you with your question.



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