Monday, August 03, 2009

Favorite sewing books

What's your favorite sewing book?

It's hard to pick one as there are so many and each serves a different purpose.

But if I had to choose one general sewing book it would be my Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing. My copy, published in 1976, was found in a second hand book store marked down to $3. A steal for the amount of information it contains and how often I reference it.

These are the others are in my top ten list under the category "general sewing instruction, fitting and fabric."

Top 10 sewing books

If we're talking inspiration or specific techniques I have other fabric books that fit those categories.

What sewing book do you find yourself referring to over and over again?
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  1. I like DK Publishing's The Complete Book of Sewing. At the same time I got this (at B&N), I had also ordered the Reader's Digest one that you have. They both have almost the same information, but for some reason, I liked the style and the read of DK Publishing's book better. Both had very decent ratings on amazon as well. But for me, my favorite had an easier read for my current level.
    Good post!

  2. Hilde2:50 AM

    Thanks for this post! As I'm slowly building my own sewing library, I'm always interested in what sewing books people have and find most useful. What is the book with the red/white/black drawn cover, on the left, second from the top?

  3. I have too many, but always reach for "Power Sewing" by Sandra Betzina first! Can't wait to meet her in person next month at the Expo!

  4. Oh boy. To choose--humm. The Readers Digest is definitely at the top of the list. Sandra Betzina's fitting book also. Claire Schaeffer's Complete Book of Sewing Shortcuts.

  5. My hands-down favourite is "The Vogue Sewing Book". I have a copy from 1975 that I found at a thrift store. It has everything in it - from simple seam finishes to tailoring - love it!

  6. My favorites the New Complete guide to sewing (readers digest), The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing (singer) and Fit for real people.... I can't sew without these.......

  7. I have 2 absolute favorites: The DK Publishing referenced by JC and Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers. They are both excellent for instructions on garment construction techniques.

  8. I have the Readers Digest book too but I always seem to go back to the little booklet that came with my sewing machine , lol !

  9. We all have a favorite sewing reference book don't we?

    JC - I like the DK book because of the many photos that are included. Sometimes I need to see what's happening to understand.

    Hilde - that book is an early edition of Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing. That one, and More Power Sewing, are wonderful additions to any sewer's library.

    Kristine - you're so fortunate to be able to meet Sandra Betzina! I remember how gracious and down to earth she was when I had the chance to speak with her briefly at a sewing expo.

    Gwen - It is hard to choose isn't it? I have many more that could have made this list.

    Shannon - I have the 1975 Vogue book and I also found mine in a thrift store. I don't know why I don't pull it out more often as it is filled with great information.

    Opal - I couldn't sew without my Fit For Real People either. What did we do before that one was released? LOL

    Elaray - I'll have to check the Professional Sewing Techniques for Designers out. Sounds like a good addition to the library.

    Clare - if I had to rely on the booklet that came with my machine I would have given up sewing a long time ago :-) You're fortunate that yours contains valuable information.



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