Friday, July 10, 2009

Flashback Friday - 1940s cuddly pig vintage pattern instructions

"Times are tough and I got too much stuff" is the song lyric that keeps rolling around in my head as I've spent the past few weeks being ruthless in our decluttering efforts.

While it's a lot of work the benefits of decluttering are great. There is an incredible sense of relief clearing unneeded "stuff" out of the house. I have less "stuff" to dust and maintain. I like knowing what I once couldn't live without will be resold in a thrift store making the new owner happy and helping the charity the thrift store supports. I think long and hard before making any new purchases as I find the empty spaces in the cupboards, closets and bookshelves is exhilarating.

While a number of books were donated, I rediscovered others including a little gem of a book I had purchased years ago - The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing c. 1946. Along with the usual vintage sewing tips, this book has a number of projects including an entire chapter devoted to the stork set.

That's where I discovered this adorable cuddly pig.

You need to enlarge the pattern by redrawing it following the gridlines, which are one inch squares. (Click on the photos for a larger full views.)

Happy sewing!

1940s Cuddly Pig Pattern

1940s Cuddly Pig Pattern 2

1940s Cuddly Pig Pattern grid pattern Pin It

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  1. I think I have this book; if is it the one with the apron patterns at the beginning, yes, it has some cute baby things.



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