Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do you love the Mad Men fashions?

I know I do. While I think the woman's clothing in that show is gorgeous, and the office-attire incredibly put together, I certainly would not want to wear those restrictive outfits for my work day. I remember entering the work force in the 80s when office attire was tailored and fitted, dresses or skirt suits were preferred over pants and no bare leg or foot could be visible (pantyhose with dresses and skirts and trouser socks with slacks), which meant if you wore open toe shoes you needed sheer-toed pantyhose. Believe me, it was as uncomfortable as it sounds.

But I digress. The reason I asked if you love Mad Men fashions (and being designers and sewers I already know that you do) is to put a bug in your ear about the upcoming casting call contest that begins July 21. If you think you've got a Mad Men style worthy of an appearance on the show, this contest is for you. Hop on over here for the full details.

Coming up with your winning look should keep you preoccupied until August 16-the date Season Three premieres. Pin It


  1. How exciting, I am hanging out for season 3!

  2. Mad Men is compelling viewing but to be honest really worries me. The 50s and 60s were horrendous times for women. Why would we want to go back there? Yes the clothes were glamourous, but at the expense of being able to breath and to walk properly.

  3. I LOVE Mad Men. I was a young working gal during those times. Yes, I wore the long-leg girdle and long-line bra (ouch) to be able to wear those tight dresses! Even though those years were in upheavel with the Viet Nam War, the women's movement and hippies--they were definitely no more volitile than what we're experiencing now. I had a ball !



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