Monday, June 08, 2009

Everything old is new again

Everything old is new least that's what they say.

Case in point. See this top I sewed this past weekend? The fabric, purchased a month ago from a local fabric store, has a nice retro-inspired polka-dot knit print. The shape of the top is trendy with the full gathers above the bust captured in a yoke and the fullness gathered into a bottom band creating a blouson effect.

Except this isn't a recent pattern release. It's a vintage pattern, Simplicity 8890, issued in 1979. I found it in the recycle section of Pattern Rescue.

I had just seen a woman wearing a similar style top on a local news program just a few days before I spotted this pattern on Pattern Rescue. Her version, which was quite elegant, had more gathers and looked like it might have been a silk jersey. This one I sewed as is to test the fit of this pattern. Now I'm off to find a super soft drapey knit for my next one, hopefully in an elegant silk jersey.

Like they say, everything old is new again.

So tell me, what vintage patterns have you been sewing lately?

(Full review of the pattern is here on PatternReview).

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  1. I don't have any vintage patterns, but your top looks very nice. Love the fabric.

  2. Very nice. Better not throw out my "vintage" patterns...just in case.

  3. Your top is lovely and it looks great on you. A person would have to be thin to wear this top, considering the volume. Lucky you!

  4. The top looks very beautiful on you.

    I've just recently made Simplicity 6667, 1974. I will be posting pictures up on my blog either today or tomorrow if you would like to take a look.



  5. YOU know I have a pile of vintage patterns...just haven't gotten around to them yet! *LOL* But I love this top on you!

  6. Um, a jumpsuit, a shift, my Easter dress, daughter's Easter dress... yes, I definitely agree with you!

    Great looking top!

  7. I learned the hard way (and over the years), never throw anything away--you never know when it's going to come back. I have clothing items that people like and when I say I got it anywhere from 10-15 years ago, they can't believe it. Thanks for the link to patternrescue, too.

  8. I really like that!

  9. This is a great top! You give me faith that a vintage pattern can look fresh! I also awarded you the "Lovely Blog Award", the rules are at my blog! Congrats!

  10. Great top! Never would have know it was "vintage"!

  11. I have this pattern in my stash. I've never made it up--maybe now I will! cute!



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