Sunday, June 21, 2009

The do-over day

Do you ever have a do-over day? You know, the type of day when you just want to crawl back in bed and start the entire day over.

I rarely have those days, but today was one of those days where everything was just off a little bit. Work up late for a morning parade, clown make-up didn't set properly and had to redo my face, forgot my parade props, forgot my sunscreen (which was needed for the 80 plus degree with full sun parade), threw my clown nose away (by accident) when removing my clown face, lost an entire sewing tutorial blog post, arrived at Saturday evening church only to realize I had forgotten the pot blessing salad on the counter at get the idea.

So when the day's activities came to a close I didn't dare spend time in the sewing studio working on my latest project. I'll hit the studio Sunday evening instead.

The bright spot in the do-over day? The smiles of the kids along the parade route. It's enough to get anyone through an off day.

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  1. I have had those days. it's usually when I am in a hurry that things go wrong for me. I always thought it would be fun to be a clown. Do you belong to a particular group? Have you had training?

  2. A "do over day" is a lot more fun than a "Groundhog Day," though, in my opinion.

    Where are you that it's sunny and 80 degrees?

  3. You betcha! And you are the CUTEST clown ever! That must be your calling--to make children happy. What a blessing for you and for them also.

  4. Great picture--which clown are you? Yes, those do-over days happen too often here. Glad your had a bright spot!

  5. I'm the princess clown because I wanted to wear a tiara with pink hair. But then, who doesn't?



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