Monday, May 18, 2009

RetroRama vintage wear or does this mink go with black

I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I do not have time to sew anything retro-inspired to wear to this year's RetroRama event.

But fortunately in my closet I have a darling vintage 60s (I think) cocktail dress that is almost a perfect fit. A few tucks at the waistline will give it that more fitted 60s silhouette.

And look at the bow detail. Isn't that sweet?

Now, I also have in my possession a few fur stoles that belonged to my grandmother.

Can any of you tell me how in the world this piece is supposed to be worn? I couldn't find any photos of her wearing it, nor do I recall ever seeing her wear it.

Does it wrap around one's neck? That seems a bit goofy.

If so, what are the plastic chains on the inside of it for? I looks like they are some type of closure, but I have no idea how to work them. Can any of you tell me how it should be worn? And would it have been true to the age of the dress?

I could always don this piece. But would it be true to the era to wear something like this over a three-quarter length sleeve?
Side note: I know some of you may have very strong feelings about the wearing of fur. Please be respectful of my views also. Not only are these sentimental pieces that bring back memories of my beloved grandmother, but honestly, these animals died long before I was born. Pin It


  1. As far as I know, those ball things should be on the inside, and they should snap together, which would give you a clue as to how it is to be worn.

  2. I think the last fir looks especially pretty.

  3. I can't help you at all with the proper technique, but...
    1. I also love the 2nd piece.
    2. you are so very lucky to have such wonderful and unique rememberances of your grandmother!

  4. My mother had both of those pieces. The fox she always wore over a suit or coat. The heads were worn down with the tail wrapped around the neck. I don't remember the fastener. She wore it mostly before I was born (1954), but it was in many photos.

    My mother's white mink was her dressiest stole. It was worn only with formal wear, all sleeveless or long sleeves. She did purchase it in the 1960's.

    She would have worn a dress like yours with her velvet, either coat or cape.

    Hope this helps.

  5. I remember staring at a woman in church who was wearing one of those fox stoles. She was sitting in pew in front of me during the entire service, with the foxes eyes facing me. I must have been 4 or 5, and I remember being fascinated and my parents were horrified by my behavior. The was very lady gracious and amused. LOL! So my suggestion is to try it out with the fox heads in the back. What a fun memory. :)

  6. My mom had one of those fox wraps. As I remember the heads had little clamps built into them, which would fasten onto the plastic chain or the tail. It almost looked as if the foxes were biting their own tails! She usually wore hers over a suit, very often at church.

  7. I vote for the second one definitely

  8. Peggy L4:10 AM

    My mother also had both of those pieces. I think the foxes would be earlier than the 60s. Those little things are the "hooks". My mother had hers "refashioned" into a collar and cuffs at some point. The stole was definitely a piece worn in the 60s.

  9. There should be one fox whose mouth is a clamp (as nanflan said). And the balls snap together underneath (as marysews said).
    The stole drapes rather than sitting high at the neck.
    Though these were popular for many decades (pre-1900 to late 1950s)they were indispensible accessories back in the 30s. If you can find some rersearch you should see lots of phtos of women wearing them...
    I do think the second capelet may be more time appropriate though. The dress looks to me to be late 50's-early60s and the foxes weren't quite as fashion forward by then.

  10. I remember that when I was a child, so late 50s or early 60s, there was a lady in myu church who had a fox stole like that. She wore it around her neck witht he fox biting its tail. I'm not sure about the clips, but perhaps they attach to the garment to keep it in place.
    I had a mink coat that belonged to my grandmother. My dad had it made into a cape for my mom. I cut it up and made mink purses for my daughters and nieces. A little is left over to make small purses form my sister and myself. I used earrings that were my aunt's (rhinestones, but my mom thinks they are diamonds?????) as closures for the purses. They carry them to very formal events. I wouldn't buy something like this now, but like you, I feel that since these were dead long before my time, who cares. My aunts, two of them, had fur coats too. My cousin has them now.

    The dress is very pretty. I love it.

  11. I remember my grandmother wearing a fox piece in the early to mid 50's. But I do not remember that too much in the 60's. The capelet/stool would be better for a 60's look.

  12. I would hope that people don't have a problem about vintage fur, I certainly don't. I think we are all more concerned about it continuing now, and that is all that should matter. They look gorgeous and you are very lucky.

  13. I agree with Trudy. The dress is such a classically beautiful cut, and the last pic with the fur reminds me of bygone glamour. Sigh...



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