Sunday, April 26, 2009

Operation: Remodel = back to blogging

Operation: Remodel is complete.

Actually, it was completed a week ago.

This particular remodel wasn't in our home. It was in my parent's home. My brother and sister-in-law treated them to a much needed one-week vacation and my hubby wanted to bless them with a bathroom remodel. A surprise bathroom remodel. Not just paint-the-wall-and-put-down-some-new-tiles remodel. A gut-everything-and-begin-fresh-remodel.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that he only had one week to complete this task?

Now here, dear readers, is where I just gotta take a minute to brag on my husband. My man is not only an incredibly generous soul, but does he ever have talent.

My parents reside in a 1950s rambler. One of those older homes that only has one bathroom.

When hubby learned they would be gone for one week the first thing out of his mouth was "let's redo their bathroom. I'll see if I can get that week off from work." Once he confirmed he could take the week off we began purchasing all the items needed to complete the job.

While shopping for the bathroom items, we were blessed with some incredibly great deals. Like super cheap ceramic tile in the perfect neutral color. And a bathroom vanity for $14. Yes, that is correct - only $14 - and in perfect condition. It was a discontinued model and the exact size we needed.

While we would have liked for it to be a complete surprise - in case one of us got so excited we accidentally spilled the beans (which I almost did myself - sheesh, don't tell me anything you don't want shared because sometimes I open my mouth and who-knows-what might come tumbling out) - a few siblings were in on the secret as we needed their assistance during the remodel.

Day one was demolition. Oddly enough, we had more than enough volunteers for the demolition portion of the job. Guess everyone else thinks swinging a mallet into a wall looks like as much fun as I think it must be.

At the end of day two - which was boring repair and prep work - hubby came home saying "what in the world have I gotten myself into? I'm never going to get this done on time."

Bless his heart, as overwhelmed as he felt, he just kept plugging away. A brother-in-law showed up a few evenings (after working no less) to help and before you knew it they were done. And a sister either treated them to fast-food (which in my hubby's world is a treat as I do not particularly enjoy eating fast food) or home-cooked dinners.

After one-week of hard work, it was time to add the finishing touches. And let me tell you, it was quite the transformation. See for yourself:

While we were unable to be there for the big reveal, one of my nieces captured the moment on tape. Priceless. Just like watching one of those surprise home remodel shows on television.

(Warning! Another brag on my man moment.) My hubby could TOTALLY be a handyman on one of those home improvement shows.

Of course my parents jokingly say they're going to take another vacation so their kitchen can be remodeled.

At least we hope they're joking... Pin It


  1. What an awesome surprise for your parents!

  2. Feel free to brag about your husband. What a great thing you all did. He deserves two thumbs up - and chocolate cake - oh - and some ice cream on the side!

  3. It's not every guy who would remodel a room for his in-laws. He must think a lot of them to do that.

  4. What a great thing for your husband to do!! How generous!

  5. What a wonderfully sweet, kind and generous gesture! Your DH is definitely a keeper!!! Oh and the bathroom looks good, too!

  6. Your parents must be very proud and happy! Cheers to your husband.

  7. How absolutely fabulous to do that for you parents! It looks great too!

  8. Oh my goodness! That's amazing. Does your husband travel? Like, to Boston? And, would he re-do my bathroom for me? I mean, seriously!

  9. Wow. What an incredibly generous thing to do and what lovely results!! As my mother would say, "you be nice to that man". ;-)



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