Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Navy blue dress with polka dot shoes

It started with the shoes. Navy blue with baby pink polka dots. Sigh...

Eager to wear them, I scanned my closet only to realize that I do not own a single item of navy blue clothing.

However, a quick glance at my fabric stash revealed a beautiful piece of navy blue knit with a nice hand and weight.

Perfect for a knit dress.

Or maybe a tunic and a slim skirt.
Or maybe a short flippy skirt.
Or maybe a dress.
But that flippy skirt sure would be cute.
But I wouldn't have anything to wear with the skirt.

I finally put a stop to this internal debate with a "Stop! Pick a pattern already and get sewing!"

With a scant 1-3/8 yards (60" wide) to work with, my choices were very limited. Vogue 7055 was chosen. It's an out of print (OOP) Sandra Betzina design from 1999 that I had never taken the time to sew.

The dress appeared to be a fairly classic tee-shirt dress so, before I could change my mind, I laid out the pattern pieces, cut and began sewing.

The dress, with it's slightly scooped neckline, high armholes, short faced sleeves, multiple waist tucks, darts, and side button trim, went together quickly. As usual with Sandra Betzina's patterns, the instructions were wonderful, filled with her usual tips and tricks.

I must say, I was quite pleased with the end result. As I tried it on to show my husband I thought "it's the perfect little knit dress. Not too tight, but one that could be dressed up with those great polka dot pumps or paired with flats to run errands on the weekend."

Wearing my new creation, I located my husband and eagerly awaited his compliment.

"Well?" I asked spinning around so he could get the full effect.

Seeing the panicked look in his eyes, I quickly realized he was frantically trying to locate something tactful to say.

"You don't like it?" I asked with disbelief in my voice.

"Um. Well....um...it's not cute. It makes you look straight up and down", he said.

"But I AM straight up and down", I replied.

"You do want me to be honest right?" he asked.

"Of course. But I really really like it", I said, while thinking "how can you not see how cute it is?"

"Um. Well, you know, now that you mention it", he said "it would be great for church or a funeral."

To which I had to laugh. Because I find attending most funerals a somber experience while I find attending church services a joyful experience.

"Well, maybe if you added a belt it would be cuter", he hesitantly added.

And you know what? He's right. By not having enough waist definition the dress does indeed look dated.

So problem solved. I'll wear the dress with a belt when I want to dress it up (meaning when I want to wear my polka dot shoes) and I'll wear it loose when I'm running to the grocery store in flat sandals.

By the way, the shoes are from Payless. I kid you not. Pin It


  1. .....and we are going to see the dress when? LOL! Love those shoes.

  2. Those shoes are so cute! Put that dress on and show us with and without the belt. Be sure to put on the shoes.

  3. Great shoes and the story is great, too. Can't wait to see the dress.

  4. If you don't wear that dress at once, to make a picture for us, can I borrow those wondeful shoes, please?
    So i'm not the only one to buy shoes, and have nothing to wear with them?

  5. LOVE those shoes! Cute story!

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets the shoes and then finds something to wear with them :)

  7. Hey don't knock Payless - they have been upping their fashion game! *LOL*

    Ummmm can we see the dress, please?

  8. 1. Great shoes!
    2. I've had that conversation before with my DH. Wants to be honest, but not hurt my feelings... gotta love 'em.
    3. Picture of you in the dress, please!

  9. Add my voice to the "Let's see the dress" chorus.

  10. So a great story and then no punch line - where's the finished photo? the shoes are fabulous! g

  11. I love polka dots! I can't wait to see what you make to wear with those shoes. Your profile picture always makes me smile.

  12. The shoes are fabulous! Can't wait to see the dress - and the belt.

  13. Love the shoes!


  14. Love the shoes!!!!

  15. So I have the navy dress that would match perfectly with these shoes. Can't find them ANYWHERE! I have checked payless--no luck! Need size 7.5. If anyone sees a pair or knows where to find them, buy them!! I will even send you money for finding them!!!!

  16. Stunning heels... I love it



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