Sunday, April 05, 2009

May I have some more time please?

May I have some more time please?

You see, the weekend has almost come to an end. And I have yet to spend a little quality one-on-one time with my sewing machine.

Any why not you ask? Because last week, every night after work was booked, which meant no time to sew. And this weekend was just a continuation of more of the same:
  • Saturday afternoon I was a volunteer face painter at Cheerful Giver's birthday bash at MOA. Which meant Saturday morning was spent preparing for the event. Lots of little ones stopped by and soon there were happy faces transformed into blue cats, pink butterflies, green snakes and even super heroes.
  • Returning home of the event, I had just enough time to put away my supplies and grab a bite to eat before heading off to church. And of course we like to spend time socializing after church.
  • Saturday night was date night. We kept it low key this weekend with pizza and a movie - at home.
  • Sunday morning I was up bright and early putting on my clown face to volunteer with my dad at an annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny event. I filled the balloons and tied them, he made the balloon animals. I tied over 300 balloons. My fingers still ache.
  • After the clowning event, hubby and I stopped at my parents to wish them well before they head off on a well-deserved and long -over vacation. Turns out the last time my mother flew was when she and my father spent a week house-hunting in Houston. In 1968. She's in for a surprise isn't she?
  • Of course after we returned home there was the laundry and the grocery shopping and the cleaning...*sigh*
And now I find that it is Sunday evening. One last load of laundry is waiting to be put away.

Too late to reacquaint myself with my sewing machine tonight.

Let's hope when I am able to spend time with her she remembers how much she enjoys the feel of fabric running beneath her feet and our time together will be productive.

'Till then. Happy sewing all! Pin It


  1. Aww, what a bummer! How about... absence makes the heart grow fonder? Too much together time can be a bad thing, too! Hoping you'll find some time this week with your machine!

  2. And I thought I was busy!!! I'm a real slacker next to you!!!

  3. What a busy weekend! But, all of your distractions from sewing sounded like fun - at least to me! More time would be nice.

  4. I can so relate. I don't understand, if we can send a man to the moon, why we can't create some pill that will allow us to sleep less or something!

    I vant more time dahlink!!!



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