Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Caribbean blue dreams jacket

Once upon a time, oh ... say 10 months ago , a Caribbean blue jacket was begun.

It was quite excited to be created because the summer months had just begun and it knew it was the perfect coordinating piece for many items that were already hanging in the large walk-in closet. It dreamed of quickly becoming the favorite among the summer jackets and eagerly awaited the day the buttonhole and button would be added so it could be worn.

Sadly, the beautiful Caribbean blue jacket spent the summer months hidden in the tiny sewing closet, along with all the other outfits that were anxiously awaiting completion. Soon summer gave way to autumn, and before long the cold winds were blowing and the snow was falling. Summer, along with it's bright, cheerful colors, was a distant memory.

Until the other day, when I was wondering what I could wear on a day that finally held the promise of spring.

That's when I spied it. My lovely blue jacket that had set aside because I'd been having trouble making buttonholes on my sewing machine. (By the way, it was indeed the machine and not operator error...)

One buttonhole and one vintage button later - well, here she is! Isn't she lovely? A bit too large as I've dropped a few pounds since she was sewn last June, but I like her so much that I don't care.

Then there is the inside secret. Silk lining. Now that I've used silk to line a few of my jackets I just don't know if I'll be able to go back to using anything else. It feels absolutely divine when you wear it!

Finally, a closeup of the vintage button. One of the first that I've actually used from the gorgeous batch of vintage buttons I found at a thrift store.

In case you're wondering, the jacket is from McCall's 5527. Pin It


  1. I LOVE the colour!!

  2. Beautiful jacket, perfect for spring.

  3. Oh My!! How beautiful I'd be tempted to wear it inside out with that gorgeous lining!!! I love buttons and that one would be one of my favorites!!!

  4. Definitely Caribbean! Gorgeous. And oh, be stil my heart--I covet the vintage button.

  5. Beautiful! It looks like it will be a very versatile jacket for the summer.

  6. You make such wonderful jackets!

  7. Beautiful jacket, I love the button. g

  8. Everything about this jacket it wonderful: the color, the style, the lining, the button... Great job!

  9. The jacket is great - just right for Spring. I have just begun sewing jackets and have really been enjoying making them. I really luurve the button - what a great find!

  10. Beautiful jacket and I love all of the details - the silk lining, the vintage button! Glad it finally came out to play!!!

  11. Anonymous11:29 PM

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