Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sewing Studio Sunday - round two

Sewing Studio Sunday, with Julie (and whoever else wants to join us) was supposed to be a monthly thing, but it hasn't happened since Jan.

Between our busy schedules we just couldn't seem to come up with a day that worked for both of us. Until today.

Julie arrived with her sewing machine and latest project in hand - Vogue 8522. The pattern is her first attempt at garment sewing and is a trendy one-button cropped jacket with short kimono sleeves, a shawl collar and lining.

I had no idea what she had decided to purchase until she arrived. She pulled her pattern and fabrics out of the bag and told me how helpful everyone at the fabric store had been. They were pretty excited when she explained this was to be her first article of clothing.

She had entered a Hancock Fabrics envisioning purchasing striped fabric for her new jacket. Fortunately the saleswoman, when she learned this was her first jacket, explained that a solid color might be a better choice this time around. She helped Julie choose a turquoise linen-look fabric with coordinating lining and a big gold filigree button.

Kudos to the salespeople at Hancock Fabrics! Those ladies (and some men) know how to sew and are willing to take time to help a customer so the customer will have a successful sewing experience.

We got right down to the business of what size to cut out, how to read the instruction sheet, how to correctly cut out the pattern pieces and finally it was time for the fun part - the actual sewing!

Julie learned a few new things today such as sewing a dart, stay stitching a neckline, fusing interfacing, the importance of pressing, basting, and even she even got to rip out a seam.

When she left for the day, she only had to add the lining, the snap and the button and was still debating whether or not to try finishing it on her own or to wait until we could get together again.

Here's hoping she jumps right in knowing that I'm just a phone call away. After all, the sooner she finishes the sooner she'll experience the thrill of wearing her own one-of-kind creation. Pin It


  1. Wow--nothing like jumping in with both feet! Your friend is lucky to have you to teach her. It's wonderful to pass on your sewing skills and encourage people to take up this wonderful art.

  2. Good job--wonderful to make your first "something to wear" and great fun to be a part of that process from a place of experience. Bet you both had a lot of fun!

  3. Yes, that sounded like great fun! You go teacher!

  4. Hum, that sounds pretty exciting. Julie chose a lovely pattern too. can't wait to see the picture.Come on Julie, let's finish this jacket :-)

  5. Awww, that's cool! That's a really pattern, the jacket is going to look awesome. :)

  6. I am moving closer to you just to take advantage of Sewing Studio Sunday. Any large pharma companies nearby where I can get my husband a job?

    What a great friend you are! Can't wait to see pictures of the jacket, Beth



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