Monday, March 23, 2009

Puppet, puppet, who has the puppet?

Well, based on the comments from my last post, it appears I'm in the minority when it comes to being unknowledgeable about puppets and puppetry!

Beth - great job converting those kids of yours to Muppet fans!

Stacy - thanks for the tip about the puppets in Japanese craft books. I'll need to investigate some more.

Lisa - sadly, I missed the first competition night - which was the puppets - but caught the creative ministries competition. Wow! Powerful stuff. Human videos was another thing I had never heard of before. BTW - that's so cool that your kids are involved in puppet ministry at your church. The kids I saw there were really into it - and really good!

Sewing Chick - love that your cousin is so talented in the world of puppetry that he was a puppeteer in a movie.

Kathleen - thanks for sharing your directions for making a puppet. I think I can handle that one quit easily!

Then there's "Anonymous", who's actually my friend Linda. Turns out Linda not only has some training in puppetry but she may have a puppet I can borrow until I get mine sewn! Jeesh! If only we would have talked about puppets over lunch instead of kids, and work, and husbands I might have discovered this fun little tidbit.

And tomorrow, I return to a subject I do know something about. Sewing! Pin It

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  1. Thank you for visiing my blog. I LOVE clowns! I particularly love their make-up. I was talking to a working clown one day, and got into a conversation about their make-up and costumes. Ended up dancing in the aisle with him!

    Good luck with the puppets.



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