Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday - Simplicity Fashion News Nov. 1970

I recently came across a number of these 1970s pattern fashion leaflets, and since last week's was so much fun to look at I thought we could take a peek at another one.

Simplicity Fashion News, November 1970
Look fabulous for the holidays
Front and back covers

Pages 1 to 4
  • Page 1 ad is for the mini, midi or maxi dress or skirt
  • Page 2 tells us about the upcoming season and features Simplicity 9080
  • Page 3 features Simplicity 9060 (coral dress) and 9059 (turquoise dress)
  • Page 4 features a lilac pantsuit, Simplicity 9062

Pages 5 to 8

  • Page 5 tells us to sew dazzling new bright fabrics, such as this green dress, number 9076
  • Page 6 once again features a coral dress (9085) and a turquoise dress 99083)
  • Page 7 begins the luscious velvet fabrics in rich pink colors, Simplicity 9068 and 9065
  • Page 8 combines navy blue with pink in Simplicity 9068 and 9070

Page 9

  • Smashing separates using Jiffy patterns, 9075, 9071, 9066, 9102 and 9066

Page 10 to 14
  • Page 10 and 11- Awwww...aren't they cute? Pillow-sized stuffed animals from Simplicity 9098 and fancy dresses for the little girls, Simplicity 9089. On page 11 you see a sweet little smock tops and pants, Simplicity 9090. Lucky me, I believe I have this toddler pattern in my stash. Now I just need a toddler to sew for...
  • Page 12 and 13 - pant suits and dresses for the tween set begin here with Simplicity 9093 and 9096. The teen-doll wardrobe is from Simplicity 9097. I know I still have this one tucked away.
Page 15 to 18
  • Page 15 and 16 features the ever-popular holiday gift - robes and nightgowns. Left to right are Simplicity 9073, 9094, 9100 and 9095
  • Page 17 and 18 feature Simplicity 9067 shows how two different fabrics result in completely different looks - kinda. It's hard to not notice that each has a mini-dress worn beneath the midi skirt.
Last page has the 3-minute sewing lesson. This month it's called up-dating minis.

Hope you enjoyed this fashion trip back to 1970. Next week we'll peek at another Simplicity Fashion News.
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  1. How fun! I'm afraid my memory of the 70's is somewhat clouded due having lived through the 60s!! I do remember those maxi dresses and skirts. I loved them-and still do. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

  2. I had the long vest with the chains across the front. I wore it with coullotes on picture day my senior year!!! I also had a big tie that I wore with it!!! I loved that outfit. Let's see I also wore knee socks and big clunky shoes!

  3. Fantastic!!! Thanks for the look back - Im totally in love with the short dresses on the wee ones <3

  4. Any Quianna in there, or was 1970 too early?

  5. Its hard to believe that I use to dress like that! *LOL* But it was fun to see the old and how some of it could be translated to now. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I remember some of these fashions. The long vest and pants, I had at least two or three of those!

  7. Wow! Great trip down memory fashion lane!

  8. Did the long vest make you think of the tv show Maude. I'm telling my age.



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