Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday - McCall's Fashion News 1972

Since it's never too early to think about your Christmas gift-making, Flashback Friday this week is a peek inside a 1972 McCall's Gift Catalog leaflet.

On the cover: Smiling family unit dressed in their Christmas best - sewn by Mom I'm sure.

Oooo! Bright colors! A yellow jumpsuit for you, red pants for your special guy, and matching orange dresses for your little girl and her life-size doll.

Pink or plaid? Apparently both were popular for festive wear this year.

Cute alert! Sew the little ones a stuffed panda or kitty and matching nightgown.
For the pant-wearing gourmet cook - the chap apron.
And the 90-minute wrap around skirt trimmed with embroidered braid.

Another festive plaid holiday attire - this time complete with an applique pocket.
Oh, and look at the face on that little boy. I mean, c'mon, what little boy wouldn't be thrilled to find a white fuzzy poncho and matching stuffed animal nestled among his gifts?

More plaid party maxi-skirts, as well as a maxi-dress for the younger set.
And a vest for the guys.

Faux fur slippers and mittens, aprons, rag dolls, and yet another plaid skirt.

And of course, you can't forget the bathrobes and nightgowns. Although you might want to make sure you put the right name on the package or Tim might end up wearing the animal print robe you meant to give to your Sally.

Back cover: A two-in-one tie

So...what was your favorite from this 1972 gift catalog?

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  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    nice blog. I am regular reader of this blog and i have found interesting blog on fashion accessories.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Tim's robe! He definitely came out of Sally's closet!

  4. Oh, that poor boy! The look on his face... I can't believe they put that in the catalog! Unless... that really was the best photo they got?

    Actually the plaid skirts gave me a kind of deja vu. Around that time my Gram sent me a gorgeous outfit for Christmas... red and black quilted poppy print fabric midi skirt and matching vest. It really was the coolest outfit... I wish I had saved it.

  5. Anonymous11:03 AM

    oh my...that is funny! I need to make some red pants for my DH! Love the chaps ingenious! What were they thinking! :) Kind of scary to think that some of the things we make now will someday look like that!

  6. Ah yes, the maxi-dress. I remember it well. We also called them "granny dresses" and I remember wearing them in 2nd grade. At least in winter they kept us warmer than the mini-dresses of the time!

  7. I think I like the nightgowns.

  8. Oh, I remember those leaflets!

  9. Love that chap apron! Wow! thank you for the trip down memory lane, :)

  10. Oh, the tie, handsdown. What special guy wouldn't love a handsewn reversable tie? Now the fuzzy poncho and bathrobes were nice gift ideas, but the ties. I think it's the "Wear it in real life" factor that just pushes them right over the edge.
    (But I may have owned the maxi dress....)



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