Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday - 1964 four girls and a birthday

Which one of these little cuties, dressed in their 1964 finery, turned 50 this week?

From the left:

  • Was it sweet little Sue, with the huge brown eyes and long brown pigtails? Nope, not Susie (aka O-Susanna by our Grandmother because it made us giggle). She hits that milestone this summer.
  • How about adorable little Teri wearing the "I Love Mommy" t-shirt? Nope, not Teri (nicknamed Monkey by our dad because of her incredibly contagious giggle that would burst out of her very frequently...come to think of it she still has a contagious laugh that bursts out of her frequently!) She's still a youngster ... only in her 40s.
  • Maybe it's oldest sister Sharon, wearing her little white blouse with the peter pan collar and most likely sporting a skinned knee or elbow. Nope, not Sharon. Remember? She had that big summer birthday party last year?
  • Could it be Barbie? The one little Sharon is clutching tightly in her fist? Yes. Barbie turned 50 this week. But you knew that already didn't you?
Like many girls in 60s, I had a Barbie doll - more than one actually. And a grandmother and great-grandmother who delighted in spoiling me with the tiny couture outfits for the fashion doll.

Barbie was actually one of the few dolls that I enjoyed playing with...probably because of the clothes. How fun it was to go into a department store and look at the little outfits on the display racks on top of the glass counters. Or to given a complete, hand-sewn Barbie wardrobe. My grandmother's must have enjoyed buying the Barbie outfits because I certainly received a lot of them.

One of my favorite outfits was the blue jumper with felt flowers and a birdhouse on the full skirt complete with a tiny tray that held two tiny little drinks. Oh how sad I was the day that tiny little tray fell down that big furnace grate located near the middle of my grandmother's old house. Well, after that I certainly didn't need to be reminded to not play near that grate!

I have so many more fond memories of Barbie, as I'm sure you do also. Enough that I could probably write a post a day for months with Barbie tales.

So tell me, what is one of your favorite Barbie memories?

For a fun look at Barbie thru the years, check out the photo essay on or the Barbie timeline at Pin It


  1. Happy Birthday to you! Turning 50 is a milestone. It's a good age. Grounded, know who you are.

    I didn't have Barbie, but another adult doll. The kids in the neighbrood would want to jump rope, or ride bikes. I would sit with my doll, trying on outfits.

    It was good.

  2. I'll be 50 this fall and let me say that Barbie has aged much better than I have.
    My sister (younger) and I used to set up our extensive Barbie collection in the dining room (we had no furniture in there). Entire houses and towns. Mostly hand/home made but some of the purchased stuff, especially in the later years. Show box beds, etc. We used to take the Sears or Mont Wards catalogs and cut out appliances, framed pictures, room backgrounds, etc. and glue them on cardboard (the ones that shirts came folded on were great), and use these as Barbie settings. I learned to sew making clothes for her and her family. We had a lot of Barbie patterns, made some up and my mom knitted more than a few sweaters for her. My best playmate was the boy next door, so of course Barbie dated GIJoe. Joe went off to war and Barbie stayed home and tried on clothes.

  3. Barbie was my first client. I spent many an hour with a box of fabric scraps...draping and sewing beautiful gowns for her to wear out on a date with Ken...funny thing though...I don't recall having a Ken doll!!!

  4. One Christmas I got the Barbie Dream House and a Polaroid camera..... I set the house up, posed my dolls in it, and used an entire package of film during a Barbie 'photo shoot'.

  5. I think it is a week I spent at my sister's home (she is 12 years older), and she spent the afternoon sewing clothes with me for my Barbie. I loved the attention she gave me (she had just married, and I missed her a lot), and the glamourous clothes we made then.

  6. I played with Barbie(s) a lot when I was growing up. I had quite a collection including Ken, Francie, Skipper, etc., however it turned out most were hand me downs from my older sister who took the dolls back when she was an adult and then gave them to a neighbor girl. Can you tell I'm still sore about that? Anyway, in addition to making clothes for my Barbie (an early introduction to draping and making darts!), I often spent all day making a Barbie house on my bed. Barbie, for me, was an independent working woman in the manner of "Mary Tyler Moore."

    I have since bought some new Barbies with the intention of sewing clothes for them (and reliving my childhood) but sadly that hasn't happened as I can't even make time to make clothes for myself. Oh well.

  7. Miriam in KS4:09 PM

    My favorite was when I got the Barbie with the bendable legs. Oh how I wanted a Barbie whose legs would bend!

    I found her a few years ago while cleaning out my parents' estate, headless and with cracked knees. Guess between me and my three younger brothers, we really put her through her paces. Not sure why she hadn't been tossed years earlier but finding her again made me smile at how much I had wanted that doll. And how pleased I was to get her! (I'm thinking I probably "rescued" her from the garbage can!)

  8. Happy Birthday Barbie,
    My favorite memory was in the late 60's when the first Mod Twist n' Turn came out. If you took your older Barbie to the store you trade her in for a TNT for $1. I was all set to give up my blonde bubble hair in her red one piece swimsuit for a platinum blonde TNT with REAL lashes and a hot orange 2-piece. When I handed her to the woman for the exchange she marveled at the condition my doll was in and let me keep her and still gave me the TNT for a $1. I walked out with my Mom...beaming with pride, the proud owner of 2 Barbies!
    I own several (I mean lots!) Barbies today.......

  9. Were it not for Barbie, it would have taken me much longer to pick up sewing. My folks refused to buy Barbie outfits even though I begged like crazy. Both my grandmas came through for me with fabric scraps, which I fashioned into "clothes." It was a much freer time in my life. So I'm sayin' "happy birthday!" with a weekend of sewing.

  10. Linda S8:45 AM

    My mom thought Barbies were "disgusting" so I didn't get one until I was 10(1968). I remember standing in the doll aisle at Target F-O-R-EVER trying to decide between Francie and Twiggy. I finally went with Francie as she had longer hair to play with. I also got a MOD Twiggy outfit to dress her in. Fast forward to the early 90's and my friend and I, in out DINK phase of life, would go to Barbie doll shows and sales. Hmm, guess who finally brought Twiggy home?!...along with a Skipper, a blonde bubble cut Barbie and Stacy.....

    Linda S



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