Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dogs on Thursday - everybody's doing it

Showing off their puppy's noses that is!

First there's Sophia with her little pink nose. She wasn't too sure she liked the camera that close to her face so hubby had to provide some assistance in keeping her still.

Then there's the big girl, Abby. All we had do was tell her to sit and hold out a toy. She was so fixated on when that toy was going to be tossed that I doubt she even saw the camera flash.

Thanks to Sue and Gaylen for the idea of sharing photos of the dog noses.

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  1. Oh your dogs have cute noses too! Apparently they need to be hairy dogs rathen than mine with fur. g

  2. Great snooters! I'm really glad this caught on. It's been fun getting up close with everyone's pets.

  3. Aren't pup snoots so cute. I love them too.



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