Friday, February 27, 2009

Flashback Friday - 1988 Big, Big, and Big

Ah yes, the 80s. Big hair, big jewelry, big shoulder pads combined with big, bold colors.

This is actually a somewhat subdued late 1988 look.
  • The hair? Big but not as exaggerated as a few years earlier.
  • The jewelry? The big chunky necklace gave way to the big flat chain of gold.
  • The shoulder pads? The football pads trimmed down to 3/8".
  • The big, bold color? Well, no change there. The blue is still big, bright and bold.

This shirt was sewn using a Simplicity pattern. One that was tossed long ago and one that I have not yet come across in my vintage pattern searches. The fabric was a silky polyester purchased at Northwestern or Northwest Fabrics - a fabric store that is long gone. It had a peplum hem, a round jewel neckline, long sleeves gathered at the sleeve cap, tiny ball-shaped buttons down the center front, and a tie belt in the back to help shape the waist.

Gotta admit, this shade of blue is one of my all time faves. In this photo I'm wearing the matching royal blue earrings, and while you can't see them, I'm wearing royal blue pumps.

Somethings never change. I purchased a pair of royal blue pumps last fall, sewed a royal blue crushed velvet dress during the holiday season, purchased two royal blue shirts for spring and summer wear, purchased royal blue jewelry and just finished sewing two royal blue t-shirts (one long sleeve, one cap sleeve.)

How much do I like this color? Enough that that 1988 pair of royal blue pumps is still tucked away in my closet. Only now when I wear them I have to call them vintage. *LOL* Pin It


  1. I loved that type of dressing. I worked in retail during those years in college & had some cool clothes, mostly from Margo's, Lerner, and Casual Corner. I, too, had the big curly hair, but to my waist with the bangs. And royal blue, my fave on me besides purple. I love the jewel tones, went well with blue eyes, fair skin and darker/reddish hair.

  2. I loved that royal blue. I think it was a flattering color on so many. Looks great on you.



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